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Her tits came out.
I stretched out on the cross, spreading my legs on the armrests, and started to caress myself.
Before I could take the next picture, the approaching waves of orgasm made me pull my crotch more strongly.
I could not hold back the moans, and it seemed to me that my cry was heard to the neighbors.

Once again, my body shook orgasm.
Pleasant spasms spread throughout the body.
I caught my breath, took a camera in my hands, and easily massaged my clitoris, took a picture.
The vagina was such a wet and soft post of weathered orgasms, that it was not difficult for me to immerse in it first two, and then three fingers.
And this is despite the fact that her husband is not at all big, rather, even below average, and I have never practiced putting any objects in my pussy.
After watching myself in the mirror, I took the fourth shot.
I slowly extracted my fingers from a warm and wet cave and sent them to my mouth.
The pungent smell of the discharge has hit the nose.
I was familiar with the taste of my juices, because, engaging in masturbation, from time to time I have to wet my fingers to get more pleasure from my own caresses.
But now I had to lick plentifully wet fingers, and it was a completely new feeling for me.
I immersed in the mouth first index finger, and then the middle with the ring fingers and began to carefully suck them.
A very pleasant salty taste of my lubricant appeared in my mouth.
I sank my fingers deeper and deeper, as far as my wide open mouth allowed.
At this very moment the fifth shot was taken.
The next task was very difficult for me, because I have never practiced anal sex.

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Attempts by my husband were, but because of the strong painful sensations, we left this venture.
But as they say, when you do it yourself, the pain is not so strong.
Rising from the chair, I again went to my purse, from which I extracted a softening cream.
Having plentifully smeared fingers with the cream, I began to rub the cream into my virgin anal hole.
Having done this operation several times, put a decent amount of cream on the thumb and proceeded to complete the task.
In order to take the next photo, I had to roll over.
I leaned naked on the back of the chair and bent over in the back.
Putting a finger at the entrance to the ass, and pressed a little and felt how the first centimeter of a finger plunged into a narrow ass and crippled anus, tightly wrapped around it.

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Not feeling strong pain and discomfort, I increased the pressure and my finger penetrated deeper and deeper into my flesh.
Having plunged my finger to its very foundation, I felt a completely new feeling for myself.
On the one hand, I was very pleased and the finger in the ass, of course, gave me a certain pleasure, on the other hand I was a little unaccustomed to the feeling of something foreign in my ass.
I made several forward movements with my finger and the excitement intensified.
In this state, I took the sixth photo.
I would love to continue these manipulations and probably could have come from anal penetration, but I had less and less time, and I still need to take the last photo.
I slowly pulled my finger out of my ass and looked in the mirror.
The anus is not completely reduced, and my eyes looked a little open hole.
The view was very seductive.
The round ass was very appetizing, and slightly swollen sexual lips made her look even more piquant.
I began to imagine how my husband would look at this picture, if he was near now.
Getting up from the chair, I was ready to take the last picture, but I did not prepare the clothespins in advance.
Clothespins were kept on the balcony, and I decided to go after them, not wearing anything on myself.
We lived on the fourth floor and passersby could not see me, it was necessary to fear only the residents from the house opposite.
I went to the balcony and opened the large glass door. Indian nude models gallery.

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