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But despite the excitement that had seized me long ago, I intended to continue, and again I took the comfortable behind and left of her frozen in anticipation of my ass.
This time I put the bath with bars next to me, so that if necessary I would not go to it again across the room.
Stella’s buttocks are even more swollen and have completely lost their charming form.

They were crossed by several swollen scars of bright pink color, a little thicker than the rod that struck them, and thirty centimeters each.
Especially a lot of them were in the bottom of the buttocks, on the border with the hips area.

It was there that I sent another fourteenth blow.
Stella’s knees fluttered, my head swayed to the side, and my hearing caressed a quiet, mournful moan.
How much can she tolerate? And if she did not know how many blows I was going to give her? Tormented by these questions, I again and again, not slowing down, sent a long twisting rod to her, too, a long and also wriggling body along the most intricate paths, and parallel to the floor, and from different angles, and perpendicularly from top to bottom, coming up close.

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A couple of times, I even tried a quick criss-cross strike.
After one of them, the long, sharp end of the rod stuck into her right thigh, tearing the skin.
Blood splattered, and Stella made an inarticulate wheeze.
I immediately stepped back and, without stopping, slapped her next blow, aiming at the same place, but missed.
However, Stella fluttered up, immediately dropping after another twig.
Now she pressed herself against the surface of the table, as if trying to dissolve in a tree heated by her heated body.
I could get to the same place, but for this I had to slow down and aim well, and Stella was on the limit.
Eh, tell me not thirty, but forty blows, and she probably would have screamed.
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