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Dasha laughed softly but stopped right there when her torturer reappeared in the room.
He seemed like a predator slowly began to approach her, staring intently into her eyes wide with fear.
Her chest ached, and her body immediately responded to his light touch of the hand.

He gently ran his fingers over her cheek, stroked his lower lip, making her mouth open and immediately put his thumb into the wet cavity.
The girl looked at him spellbound, while his finger imitated their intercourse, now penetrating deep into and then retreating.
With the other hand, he began to massage her breasts under the robe, noting how the nipple gradually stiffens, turning into a tight bud.
Dasha was breathing deeply, trying to free herself from his spell, her heart was beating loudly, and goose bumps ran down her back.
His persistent and demanding lips replaced his finger, and the girl noted the taste of wine and cigarettes, mixed with his own taste

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He continued to kiss her, demanding a return kiss and Dasha, without knowing it, answered her.
Her tormentor jerked him to his feet and pulled her to him, resting his weapon in his stomach, which had risen from desire, and Dasha began again to break free from his hands, which had penetrated beneath the floors of her robe and caressing her breasts and stomach.

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– You want me, honey.
tell me this.
I want to hear from you your desire.
He demanded, crouching at her lips in a demanding kiss, while his fingers conjured in curls between her tight hips.
One finger slid deeper into the back, causing Dash to moan from impotence.
– Not.
I do not want.
I will not.
– She moaned and now the second finger plunged into her cave, pushing the gentle folds of flesh, which still remembered the assertiveness of his penis.
The girl rested against his firm chest, but he did not back down and continued to penetrate her bosom, while his lips tormented her lips.
“You are running out of juice, baby, you want me,” and he ran wet fingers over her cheek and lips, making it clear to Dasha that she was trying to deceive herself — say that you want me! – Not!!! Not! Not! – She shouted, and then he abruptly turned her back to himself and pressed to his chest, leaning member of her.
His fingers penetrated her again, fiddling with an invisible sensory point, forcing the girl’s thoughts to be confused by the surging desire.
She looked at his hands in the reflection, which easily opened her unreliable protection in the form of a robe and began to stroke all her naked body.
The girl threw her head on his shoulder, fascinated watching his fingers open her delicate folds, fiddling with the pouting clitoris and penetrate inside, causing the body to tremble from the surging desire.
– You want me, baby.
– he calmly said and pressed hard, forcing the unfortunate to bend over from the pierced desire.
With hopelessness, she realized that she had once again become a toy in the hands of her tormentor, who skillfully brought it to exhaustion.
– Yeah.
– She breathed when the second hand, he squeezed her nipple and began to pull at the beat of his fingers in her bosom.
His eyes burned with fire, subjecting the victim to her will and the girl could not resist him. Korean sexy cam.

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