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I slept with my own nephew.
He rolls heavily onto his back and lies, looking at the ceiling and spreading his arms wide.
I sit down and reach for my bag for paper handkerchiefs.

Someone needs to tidy up here.
There is still a feeling of pleasant bliss in the lower abdomen.
It reminds of itself at each attempt to change the position of the body.
I take out the handkerchiefs and wash his sperm from me.
Then I rub it off the sheets and everything else where it accidentally fell.
He is silently watching me all this time.
Finally, I can no longer hide behind such important matters as scrubbing sperm from the sheets and turn to it.
He looks at me strangely.
I do not like this look.
I need a shower.
“I try to get out of bed, having completely forgotten that the key to the door is on the cabinet, and therefore completely out of reach for me.”
His hand suddenly catches me halfway and drags me back to the bed.
The lips cover mine, and then he comfortably settles the head on my chest, listening to my heart beating.
And I have nothing left but to hug him back.
Cuddle to yourself.
Lord, what have we done.
A lump rushes back to his throat, tears streaming down his cheeks.

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He raises his head and looks at me in dismay.
I do not like this look.
I cover my face with my hands and turn on my side.
Well, what are you doing?
Two strong arms hug me again.
He buries his face in my shoulder.
Do not cry.
All is well.
No one will know, I promise.
– He stammered, as if not knowing what else to say, so that I would finally stop breeding the squad.
– I was fine.
And five paper handkerchiefs soaked through with sperm, proof of that.
But that’s not why I’m crying, you fool.
What do we do now with this all? I turn on my back and look straight into his beautiful blue eyes.
And I ask this uncomfortable and hard question.
What do we do now? He is silent.
He does not know the answer.
After all, he is only a nineteen-year-old boy.
Older and clever with us.
I knew it would end like this.
And it’s time for me to pull myself together.
I wipe away tears and sit on the bed.
Go to yourself.
He again looks uncomprehendingly and offended.
You can’t stay here, Vladimir.
I’m still your aunt, and you are my nephew.
It will look weird.
Therefore, you must go to yourself.
He reluctantly gets up, dresses.
Pulls out the key and opens the door.
At the door unfolding.

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I will come tomorrow night.
And this.
– He showed the key and pointedly put it behind his back.
– I’ll leave it to myself.
As a guarantee.
Good? Smiles
And disappears behind the door.
And I lie until the morning unable to sleep.
Inside like a hurricane passed.
Everything is empty.
And you should close your eyes – his lips and hands come to mind.
What kind of monster is that?
All night I was chasing ghosts to solve the problem, but I didn’t decide anything. Live nude girls tumblr.

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