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He sat sprawled, cross-legged, covered in red wool, strong in body, with an elongated muzzle, and twisting horns on his head like a ram, sharpening an animal claw on his finger with a file.
Lazily looked at the two devils stretched out at the front at attention at the base of the pyramid and at Anka, with their hands tied behind their backs, which involuntarily, too, stretched out so that her small breasts stood upright.
“So, so, so, what have we got here,” said the demon, not distracting from his occupation, his voice was very well heard in the whole cave, as if he had been strengthened in some incomprehensible way.

– Yeah, I understand, another slut.
Well, consider your case.

He snatched a sheet of paper from the pile of paper on the table, ran his eyes over it.
– Well, here everything is clear.
Standard sentence – eternal suffering in hell with torture, deprivation of any rights whatsoever, including deprivation of the right to review and reduce the sentence.
Since the condemned is a bitch, it is recommended to use it for its intended purpose.

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Anya tried to say something, but the gag prevented her from doing it, only throaty sounds were heard, and she frantically twisted her head.
“I am very happy,” added the demon, smiling wickedly.
“That no one here has any objections.”
The verdict takes effect immediately.
Take away.
No, wait.
The demon put the file aside and disappeared, immediately appeared beside Anya behind his back.
He took her by the neck, pulled her to her, so that she felt the penis resting between her buttocks.
And hot whispered in his ear.
“By the way, I thought about it and decided that you should know.”
This will be my little and only service to you.
In hell, in life, do not fall by chance and you’re here for a reason, too.
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