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I groaned.
Of course, having just finished, I did not feel anything special, but I tried to moan as convincingly as possible.
The reward was a slight shudder of excitement that swept over Freya’s arm.

And what is strange is that in response to the girl’s slow breathing, I myself felt a slight excitement.
Meanwhile, Lilith approached.
She nursed Freya’s head in a purely sisterly motion, smiled at me, and.
sat down beside her, wrapped her coats around another dormant penis.
She sat as if on the side, and Freya was not difficult to settle down to my ass.
Only now she worked language.
The flame of passion inflamed inside me slowly, but this unhurried pace was beautiful.
And then, when a member just started to rise, it flashed, as if splashed with gasoline.
For a moment, and the flesh tightened so that the skin ached.

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Lilith vzderchila member a couple of times: – Super! So, I think that while we are still able to move, it’s time to move on to the main dish.
I have a main entrance.
You, Cyril, spare.
She did not get up, rolled over on her back, jokingly pushing me to the side with her foot.
The sister began to sit down slowly from above.
When her clit touched shiny black skin, the girl leaned forward, merging with Lilith in a kiss.
Freya’s hands were unequivocally slammed on her buttocks.
I did not have to ask me twice.
I took the girl by the waist, a second admired the view of the vagina stretched on the plastic, and sent a member into the free hole.
The girl moaned encouragingly, without breaking the kiss, and we began to pick up the pace.
Doing it on the floor turned out to be much more convenient, and maybe – the experience of girls affected.

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In any case – not whose legs did not bother me now, the member did not jump out without permission, and in general everything was fine.
As if we were permeated by one, the general stream of pleasure.
He raged under the skin, filling every cell.
I would not be surprised to hear the thoughts of the girls, for I had been catching their feelings for several minutes.
And the strongest was common.
I felt an echo, weak, but more than sufficient, of each orgasm.
And so I did not finish it myself.
At these moments, our cry merged into one common, powerful breath of passion.
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