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Artem is a little taller than me and long-legged – therefore the member rubs on the back.
But he wants more – my friend literally trembles and begins to bend his knees a little.
So I already feel the hot coal head on my buttocks.

But he is so indecisive – well, you can understand him, although I would not hesitate in his place.
However, I will still be in his place.

And now he can not determine what he wants more – a member of the ring of my anus, or pay tribute to my back.
My back was pumped up and bold – I still like to play sports.
And she did not leave him indifferent! He washed my back, threw a washcloth on the floor and began stroking me, massaging every centimeter.
It seemed – a little more, and he will start covering my back with kisses.
But this did not happen.
For a while he moved his hands to my ass and squeezed the halves.
He caught his breath.
He stood there for probably a minute, while rubbing his penis against me.
Then he came to himself and recoiled.
Damn, I was incredibly pleased, and even a little – I would have turned to him and dug a long shameless kiss into his lips.

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But Artyom had already raised the washcloth and was going to move to the sink, as at that moment I made the final decision to seize this shy handsome man.
– Where are you going? Come back – now it’s my turn to wash you.
– Yes, I’ll wash my back myself.
– somehow he reproved guilty.
– I’m not only your back, I’ll wash you all.
Come on.
You’ll like it.
He remembered how I carefully washed my cock yesterday and — not unreasonably — counted on something similar.
I made the water barely cool so that Artyom’s skin was covered with light goosebumps – from this his ass became even more attractive.
Now I began to wash his back and neck, but at the same time staying with him face to face.
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