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The witch climbed onto a stand for taking measurements, then threw off her dress, revealing her old, drooping body in places.
Dorothea was used to taking measurements when the client was in underwear, but out of a sense of propriety, she decided not to say anything.
She had already taken almost all the measurements, and only her breasts and hips remained.

First, her centimeter wound around wrinkled pouches, then lower at the level of a flabby ass.
When, finally, all measurements were taken Dorothea helped the customer to dress, and spent her.
Finally, Dorothea was left alone.
She had already begun to build a pattern, but then her eyes fell on the mirror.
To the surprise of Dorothea, her breasts became larger and now had a full fourth size.
To make sure she did not think this, Dorothea decided to undress.

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Throwing off her dress, she looked at the reflection again.
She slid her hand between the elastic balls and then below to the stomach, and even lower to the unknown cave.
Then Dorothea decided to sit on the couch and spread her legs.
She ran a long finger over the entire length of the pussy and, touching some knob, felt an unprecedented pleasure before.
She spent more and more, then began to massage only the clitoris.
At the same time squeezing the chest in the other hand.
With each movement, it became more and more pleasant.
Suddenly, a wave of pleasure fell upon her.
Dorothea threw her head back and finished for the first time in her life.
After an orgasm, she suddenly had a huge amount of energy and by the end of the day the dress was almost finished.
In a fit of passion for work, she even forgot to get dressed.

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She was not embarrassed.
Not open window, not people passing by the house.
She worked like a bewitched one.
And then came the second day of work on the dress.
The client came again at two o’clock, as agreed the day before.
This time, she brought with her some young man, possibly a lackey.
He greeted Dorothea by kissing her hand.
Then they went to a room where an almost finished dress hung on a mannequin.
How did you do it? – Miss Buck asked (that was the name of the customer), – just one day passed.
“I had a lot of strength,” Dorothea answered modestly.
All the time, the young man who came with Miss Buck silently watched the work of a seamstress.
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