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Lola with her eyes closed sucked the fingers of her right hand, and with her left she massaged her breasts.
– Give the bottle.
Anya handed a bottle with a greased neck.

Carefully holding the girl’s legs, Lesha began to open the champagne with cautious movements.
Soft cotton, and foamy wine is pulled out of the neck.
Without losing a second, Lesha introduced Lola’s foamy jet into Lola’s pussy, rapidly moving the bottle inside the vagina, pouring the sparkling wine into her little crack.
Lola, experiencing new sensations, almost struggled in a rich orgasm.
Very soon the bottle was freed from its contents, and Alex, without changing his position, gently pulled it out.
– Anya.
Stepping over the ottoman so that her ass hung exactly above Lolkina’s head, she approached the unusual glass that the girlfriend’s pussy was currently presenting, and putting her lips to her friend’s lips began to rapidly drain the bowels of Lolkina vagina.
The muscles of Lola’s vagina involuntarily contracted at a high tide of orgasm, and a stream of champagne mixed with secretions flowed out of Ani’s mouth, unable to catch every drop.
Flowed and crawled down the smooth pubis, tummy, gathering in the navel cavity, on the hips and ass.
Anya’s lips smacked her girlfriend’s wet skin.
Anya tried her best.
The extravagant taste that she felt in her tongue, and the very act of licking Lola’s pussies, made her turn into captivity.
In addition, grateful Lola, stroked her friend’s legs, climbing up her hips a little higher, but barely touching her pubic hair with long nails.

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– Well.
Deal with one penalty.
Now the second.
His healthy club was already sticking up towards the ceiling.
Broad veins pulsed in anticipation of action.
– Anya, sit down on our guilty face, let them spoil you with her tongue.
Now she will try with us.
Anya bent a little at her knees and leaned back.
Lola held her ass hands, and helped to take the desired position.
Meanwhile, Lesha, dipped the head of his giant into the remaining moisture and chinks of the girl, and putting both Lola’s knees together, bent down her legs so that it was convenient to get into the asshole.
Having moved the wet head between the girl’s buttocks, Lesha moistened a pair of fingers and began to gently insert them into the very narrow small hole of the anus.
Strangely enough, it quickly developed, so much so that Lyosha easily inserted three fingers into it.
Lola flinched.
All the same, the unit was quite wide and long.
Despite the fact that Lesha introduced only a third long, Lola felt that her ass was full.
When Lesha moved even deeper, Lola felt pain.
Nothing so big her ass in itself has not yet experienced.
Each movement brought pain, and if he went to the end, as many men like it, then her little ass probably would have really suffered.
But Alex perfectly understood what he was doing.
It’s one thing to drive Alice, the girl is also pretty diminutive, but nevertheless capable of receiving it completely, and quite another little Lolochka.
She was the tiniest of the four girls, and throughout the narrowest of them.
That is why fucking her was a real pleasure.
And the thought that his unit will forever change her idea of ??what real anal sex is, delighted him.
Moving inside the fragile

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ass, Lesha watched Anya get high, swaying from the sweet touch of her girlfriend’s tongue.
Yes, Lola really tried.
Despite the fact that the giant Lesha was pushing the walls of her anus, stretching the small sphincter, she continued to lick her friend, bringing her to orgasm.
Lyosha could not restrain himself for a long time, and soon he filled his little ass with a hot muddy seed. Naked young cam.

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