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I can’t already.
I really want to write! I climbed into the bag and instantly pulled out the keys.
For centuries, Oli was welling up with tears.

“Thank you, my dear,” she said, rising, delighted, and smacked me in the lips.
I managed to brush away the tear from her face.
From the third time, Olya got the key into the keyhole, and we entered the hallway.
Without ceasing to shift, Olga groped the switch and turned on the light in the hallway.
– I want to write, I want to write.
Restroom! – she said, undoing the buttons on the sheepskin coat.
I took off my jacket and hung it on a coat hanger.
Then he untied the laces on his shoes and put them on a stand with shoes.
From the sudden movement of Olya’s hand, the button from the sheepskin came off and jumped on the floor.
Twisted around the axis, like a whirligig, and froze.
I helped Olya get undressed.
Taking off her sheepskin coat, I inadvertently touched her breast.
Now she, in front of the mirror, appeared before me again in the form that I saw her for the first time today.
Instinct worked, and I put my hand on her skirt from behind.
– Lesha, Lesha.
I need to pee first! – She warned me, at the same time instinctively pulling her ass back.
The hallway was filled with the pleasant smell of the fragrance of the Olgin body and the perfume.
She tried to take off her shoes, but they did not yield.

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– Losh, help me, please! she pleaded.
I squatted down, helped to rid her feet of shoes.
But my view again hypnotized Olina legs.
I stared.
– Lesha, Alex! I got up, put my hand on Oli’s buttock, and kissed her.
“There is a jacuzzi and a toilet upstairs,” Olga whispered to me impatiently.
I took her in my arms, as again in the movie “There is no exit”, when Tom Farrell returned from the trip, and, having arrived, carried his beloved Susan Atwell to the bedroom, but only carried the girl not to the bedroom, but to the toilet.
In response, I kissed her.
Have come.
I put Olya on her feet.
– Will you wait for me? – She asked about the door leading to the amenities, funny, in my opinion, holding her crotch with her hands over her skirt.
I pulled her close and kissed her.
In response, the girl, with all the passion, wrapped her arms around my back and dug her lips into mine, like a vampire.
Mutual arousal increased.
In a fit of passion, forgetting myself, I, like on the dance floor during a kiss, pulled the girl to me.
She gasped, moving away.
I reached under the skirt and found under them the raw fabric of the tights on the inside of the thighs.
In the air, the smell of the girl who

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was describing was slightly felt.
“I wrote a little bit when you pulled me to me,” Olga said, folding her lips together with a bow.
We opened the door and entered the bathroom.
Although she rather looked like a room: large in size; there was a large shower stall, a wide whirlpool, and a toilet on the side.
The red-headed beast ran up to the shower stall, opened the door, and without undressing, standing in front of my eyes, peeed right into tights.
“I painted myself,” she said, childishly biting her lip, playfully lowering her gaze downward like a little girl.
“Ay yay yay,” playing up to Ole, I shook my head reproachfully, “such a big girl and pees in her pants. Online nude dating.

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