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branch, to five fit. ”
It was half past three.

I fell asleep, curled up right on the bedspread.
I dreamed of our yard, an old iron arbor, the open walls of which we hung with old scarves, thrown over the clothesline tied to thin arbor columns.
It was our world, with mountains of doll clothes sewn from everything that could be begged at home, with scraps of old fur coats that served as luxurious carpets and equally luxurious sofas, with dressers glued together from matchboxes.
And, most importantly, with the most happy love stories in the world.
The nurse woke up: “Come on, the doctor will look at you.”
And along the way: “Your blood has come, everything is fine there, you do not worry.”
I have not experienced, t.
the stomach hardly hurt.
The doctor was sitting by the window, with his legs, a green surgical suit and a robe thrown over his shoulders. For some reason, the label of a well-known sports brand (I love it myself!) On a running shoe clearly caught my eye.
Shaking his foot.
I recognized him before I looked up, I was flashed by a thousand cold needles, before he looked up at me, before surprise arose and anxiously stopped in them.
Lord, how many years have passed? Ten: no, no more, almost fifteen.
In July, fifteen – the tone of a pupil in honors, which no one likes, prompted the memory.
Lie still, I will only look at the belly, do not be afraid.
Just do not pinch and deeply try to breathe with the tummy.
: Lie down, my good, and lower your shorts.
: Nothing, nothing, everything will be fine, be patient a little.
: Sunny, what are you? All will be well, my little, not crying only.

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Do you hear me? Come on, calm down.
: You need to relax completely, and relax your tummy too.
Come on, open your tummy.
: Breathe easy, it’s not a tragedy, it’s just a finger.
“Vyacheslav Romanovich, here are the results and a map from the waiting room,” the nurse’s voice brought out of the stupor.
He held out his hand, glanced at it.
Huge gray, velvet eyes shot up at me: – Alena ??? – Yes, I came to the conference to you: – Lord, I was not called Alena, except for my grandmother (Kingdom of Heaven) and Verka.
More somehow by name and patronymic.
Elena Vladimirovna.
Even a fitness trainer.
Mark called the foolish name Lelja: Probably, this is not normal when a 28-year-old woman is called only by her patronymic name: – What happened? Sick? – No, – confused, – So, apparently, nonsense: I grabbed a little, but the girls had already treated me – a nod toward the door, behind which the nurse disappeared.
He frowned, but only for a moment.
– Girls do not treat, girls only carry out appointments.
– Well, of course – subordination.
Only the Guru treats and cuts here, and he is in front of you in all its glory, so it was necessary to understand this.
– Sit down, tell.
– What to tell? – Well: I would certainly like to hear how you live in general, but first of all I am interested in your condition now.
– Nothing special.
Got sick in the morning, became stronger in the afternoon, lay down in the room, did not pass, the ambulance was called, brought here.
The doctor watched me in the waiting room! – For some reason, she added hastily, with pressure, as if she wanted to move him away from herself.
– Yes, I see, – he rustled leaves, – duty surgeon.
– Monthly last when were? – business tone, proceeded to interrogation means.
– Days 12, – uncertainly, – no, I’m lying, 14, – I stopped tracking them, it makes no sense.
– painful? – Normal, ordinary.
– Damn, and what they are? – do you take hormonal contraceptives? – No, – what for they surrendered to me, if there is nothing to be protected from.
– How are you protected? “No,” she shrugged.
– Are you planning pregnancy? – with

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“No, I do not plan at all,” answered without any interest.
– giving birth? – Not.
– Abortions? Miscarriage – There was nothing.
– When was the last sexual intercourse? – does not raise his eyes, so as not to embarrass, scribbles in the map: A-0, B-0, P-0.
– It’s a long time. Online sex dating sites.

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