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“Spiritually, we will be closer,” I said, and closed my eyes.
Sis kissed me on the lips.

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“Well, then take me some more,” she said.
I got up and took my sister by the waist.
“Let’s continue in the same vein,” I said, “I like it when you lead the process.”
– Well, – smiling, the sister said, – put your hands on the sofa.
I did what Olesya said.
She stuck her legs under my arms (near the elbows) and took me by the shoulders.
Jewel raised her buttocks, she planted on my standing phallus.
Sis began to move her ass back and forth and lift a little.
I took her by the waist and began to move her buttocks to the beat of her sister’s movements.
The member smoothly entered Olesya’s hot pussy.
Oleska tilted her head forward and ran her tongue over my lips.
I put my hands on her ass and began to knead her buttocks.
My sister put her tongue between her lips and touched my tongue.
We started kissing.
I began to move my pelvis faster, thrusting my organ into the depths of my sister’s crater.
Looking up from my lips, Oleska threw back her head and groaned piercingly.
I raised my hands to her waist and fell to my chest.
Moving my tongue energetically, I began to play with her nipples.
My sister, like a kitty, dug claws into my shoulders.
I looked at her face, my eyes were closed, my mouth was slightly open, excitement moans were heard, she finished.

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From the screaming tears of Olesya, I began to pour out my seed with her.
My sister grabbed my shoulders and leaned against my chest.
We ended up being in incredible ecstasy! I pulled a member out of my sister and pulled her to me.
She put her head on my shoulder, I hugged her tight.
Oleska tightly squeezed my head, I held her waist.
Her chest touched my chest.
We sat silently for several minutes in this position.
“I need a cold shower,” said my sister, who had caught her breath, “I’m all on fire.”
I let go of my sister and she got up.
“Don’t freeze,” I said.
Oleska silently smiled and ran into the bathroom.
I put on my pants, took the cigarettes from the table and went out onto the balcony.
I lit up, leaned on the windowsill and stuck my head out the window.
It was late at night.
I was very happy.
Having smoked a cigarette, I put all the clothes on the sofa and sat down.
Ten minutes later, my sister left the bathroom.
“Your turn,” she said.
I kissed her on the cheek and went to wash off the traces of sex.
Quickly washed, I went out and headed to the bedroom.
Oleska lay in bed and watched TV, the lights were off.
I immediately climbed under her blanket.
I ran my hand over her bottom, she was completely naked.
I lay on my back, my sister laid her head on my chest.
“Come to me tomorrow at three o’clock,” said the sister.
– We will drink wine and make love all day long.
I kissed my sister on the forehead.
Physically and mentally devastated, I soon fell asleep.
We woke up at half past nine.
They drank a cup of coffee, and my sister began to gather.
I watched as Oleska painted and dressed.
Soon my sister left, but after a few hours, we had to meet again.
I went to bed again.
I met her at the disco completely by accident.
There were a lot of people, “there was no place for the apple to fall,” and I occupied a whole table, waiting for friends. Periscope nude teen webcam vk.

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