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He strongly pulled the leash, jingled the bells and the plump obediently crawled on all fours for the leash.
Vlad: – Lie down facing your girlfriend’s holes! Hands behind your back, legs wider! Chubby obeyed.
Vlad put her gag-ring, handcuffed his hands behind his back.

He tied his legs with ropes to the hooks on the side walls of the bedroom.
Took the butt plug, dildo and grease.
Vlad: – chubby ass and pussy relax, insert your toys so that you do not miss at night.
He smeared both holes of the powder,

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then put a tube on the anus and pressed it, the lubricant poured into the anus.
Butt plug slowly entered, smacked and entered, chubby moaned.
Dildo for the vagina was more difficult.
Vlad: – lie do not twitch and relax, then it will not be so painful, you will jerk your pussy to tear, the dildo is very big! After 10 minutes of torture, the dildo also entered.
Chubby was crying softly, she resigned to everything, obeyed, he liked it – you can make a good slave out of her.
Vlad: – lie do not move, let the holes get used.
He went to the entertainment room, took a video camera and a tripod, set it in a bedroom in the corner.

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In the frame was visible tormented slut and chubby face which was in front of the slut holes.
Between her widely spread and tied legs, there was a plug in the anus and huge dildos in the vagina which were fixed with scotch tape.
Vlad: – chubby! Begin to lick all the holes of your friend! Bite your clitoris and smack! Slut and you moans do not wake up Victor and me, if you wake up – Victor’s “hedgehog” will seem blissful to you, did you understand everything bitch? Slut I turn on the record, 2 o’clock lick my girlfriend.
When I wake up to your girlfriend both holes were clean without sperm and blood, glisten! I will review the record and if I think that you were not erotic.
I think you are an obedient girl and you will do everything as I say.
Vlad turned on the recording on the camera, and he went to the entertainment room on the bed.
I got comfortable and opened the cover of the laptop.
The computer quickly turned on, Vlad several times entered passwords, the administrative page of the paid section of the closed site was opened.
The site was located in the Netherlands.
Vlad began to print the news.
Dear visitors, during the day, a new exclusive video “Lesbians – slut and chubby, having fun in the castle of pain” will appear.
He saved the news, turned off the laptop.
He was driven to sleep by several violent orgasms.
Falling asleep, he heard the chuckling of chubby and the quiet moans of her girlfriend.
He fell asleep to this pleasant music.
To be continued.
(c) Bulavkin Vlad.
The story is written at the request of one of the fans of my work.
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