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I am a taxi driver.
Just brought the boy Sasha, you know that? – Sasha? Yes.
So what? What’s on him? I do not understand anything.

Do you know where Denis is ?! – Wait, I’ll explain.
Sasha noticed the car in which they took your son.
– Yes? Where is she?! – I drove after her, tried to follow.
But just that guy rushed under the barrier and I missed it.
– Sly creature.
– Igor Nikolayevich said with hatred in his voice.
– Where did it happen? Uncle Zhenya called the area where he lost sight of the car thief.
– Far climbed.
– Igor Nikolayevich said thoughtfully.
– It looks like he has a cottage somewhere in there or a house.
I will send my people, let them ride the streets, watch.
“This is correct,” Uncle Zhenya agreed.
– Only more subtle, so as not to shine.
There is still such a thing.
Sasha, the fool, got into the trunk of this car.
– What? In the sense of? In the trunk? What for?! – I do not understand.
Just some kind of crap! I wanted a detective to play.
So now there are two boys.
One of you, the other – my good friend.
– I see.
Leave me your phone, we will be in touch, – concluded Igor Nikolayevich.
Writing down the dictated number, he disconnected.
Uncle Zhenya sighed heavily and thought that now he had to talk with Sasha’s mother.
How can she explain all this?

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The dangerous areas where they could still stop and check him were left behind, and now the road is clear.
Another turn, another hundred or another meters and Andrew stopped in front of a wide gray-green gate.
Behind a dull high fence there was a

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two-storey red brick mansion.
The guy went out, looked around on all sides, grunted with satisfaction and went to open the gate.
Throwing them wide open, he drove inside.
A small man of about thirty appeared in the house, wearing light-colored trousers and a sweater.
The sun glittered on the back of the ballet, giving a plump face a cheerful, festive look of a Christmas tree decoration.
– Brought? he asked, rubbing his hands briskly.
– And what, someone doubted? – the guy answered, taking off, at last, points.
– Close the gate, I’ll drive the car to the garage.
The owner of the house, Boris Valentinovich, walked briskly to the gate, glanced at the neighboring cottage, whether the neighbors’ curious eyes could be seen, and thundered by the gate doors.
Andrei, meanwhile, drove into the garage, turned off the engine and got out of the car.
– Where are you? he called.
– Bring him to the house.
– Heavy, probably, – Boris Valentinovich frowned with displeasure, – Back tearing.
Wake up, let him walk! – That helper was imposed, – raised his eyes up Andrew.
– Take the bags, I’ll pull the boy myself.
Boris Valentinovich quickly grabbed color bags from the back seat and, until his partner changed his mind, he rushed into the house.
Andrei leaned toward the sleeping boy, picked him up under his back and knees, and, groaning, dragged him outside.
“The only food they feed you,” he said with anguish, and headed for the house.
Denis he arranged on the second floor, in a small room curtained with curtains.
Putting him on the floor, he fastened a handcuff on his wrist, attaching the second ring to the battery. Private adult cams.

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