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looking up for a second, admiring your view.
Gently blowing cold air on the nipple, you shudder, feeling the contrast of temperatures.
Without stopping, I again take your nipple in my mouth, covering it with hot lips.

From such a contrast, the cold is hotter, goosebumps run over your body.
I do the same with your second papilla.
I cover your breasts with kisses, go down below, on the tummy, barely touching the lips of delicate moist skin, I reach the navel, you shudder at my touch.
I gently play my tongue with your navel, lower even lower.
The sweet smell of hot pussy drives me crazy, I feel how it smells.
It smells of our secretions, lubricant, sex.
Gently run tongue on the pubis, lower even lower.
now my tongue reaches the clitoris, gently kiss him, gently clasp it and gently squeeze it with jaws.
You shudder, bend in response to my actions.
Excitement with a new force covers you.
I put a small pillow under your lower back to make it easier for you, and again I return to your pussy.
I walk the tongue over the entire surface of your pussy, I feel the most lovely taste.
gently penetrate the tip of the tongue into your vagina.
do you like.
you wrap my head with your hands, run your fingers into my hair and press my face harder against your treasure.
I again return my tongue to the clitoris and continue to gently caress it, rolling from side to side, up, down.
you move my head with your own hands, pressing even closer to yourself, as if setting the pace of my caresses.

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But you want more.
You again want to feel my hot and elastic member inside you.
You pulled my head up, showing me what you want.
I’m not in a hurry, I rise up, not tearing my lips from your body, along the way I kiss everything that comes across to me.
pubis, then tummy, more beautiful breasts, one by one, the second.
tender neck.
I lay on top of you, my lips find your lips, and we begin to kiss passionately.
at the same time, our bodies are tightly pressed together, your hands are stroking my back, my hands are entwined in your hair.
My dick finds its place, the head pressed against the very entrance to your sweetie pussy.
I press a little.
And now I’m inside you.
kissing your lips, I gently and slowly enter into you with my heated member, again filling you today.
inside you is very hot.
I do not think that I can hold out for a long time, but I must first bring you to orgasm.
I go to the end, I stop, take a short pause, and start to leave.
I leave almost to the end, then I come back.
Ohhhhhh, how sweet it is to move right now in you.
our tongues intertwined, hot bodies merged together, my dick in you.
I slowly move, feeling how you podmahivat me, playing up to my movements.
We synchronously move towards our mutual pleasure, bringing the moment of orgasm.
Your pussy was wet again, there is already so much lubrication.
my dick is so hot and so nice inside you.
he was so filled with excitement, ready to shoot at any moment.
I want to give you even more pleasure.
I reluctantly tear off my lips, rise above you and raise your legs on my shoulders.
so my dick is more comfortable penetrating you.
I hold your hands on your ass and sit on my hot rod.
I feel like my head rubs against the upper wall of your vagina, where you have a cherished button, which soon, very soon will give you a lot of pleasure.
I accelerate, my movements are very impetuous, I fuck you with all my strength, penetrating as deep as possible, my dick hits hard at the very bottom of your cave, giving you more and more pleasure each time.
you grasped my arms behind my ass, with each of my movements you are pressing me closer and

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