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After a while, the Woman thrashed under convulsions beneath me, and I dug faster and faster.
– aaaayyy ,,,, deeper ,,, faster, fuck ,, fuck me like a whore, fuck i’m your whore-But I didn’t want to finish so quickly, although it was very difficult to hold back.
She finished and I gave her a rest.

Oksana lay and breathed heavily, her body trembled with small vibrations.
– you did not finish dear? – – No, I want to continue – Her smile became lustful and playing, she took my dick and started to masturbate violently, then went down below and took it in her mouth, gently licked her tongue looking into

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my eyes, I could not stand it for a long time and threw it into her mouth the contents of my eggs.
She did not have time to swallow everything, then she had to lick off my sperm from me, she enjoyed it.
In response, I turned her back and began to lick her pussy, about this taste, tongue caressing the clitoris, then penetrating into the vagina.
Again groan, orgasm for orgasm, I counted 3, but this was enough for my friend to take combat readiness.
Oksana got on her knees and turned her booty, leaned her hands on the back of the bed, I entered her hot pussy from behind, she moaned, her cry increased as the tempo increased.
I do not know how long but decently for the time we fucked that way, then she was tired of kneeling, and putting me on my back sat on my stake.
Oksana jumped on it and made sounds of a lioness, scratching my chest.
Feeling the finale, I turned it over on my stomach and entered it, after 10-15 pushes, we simultaneously screamed, I ended up inside her, she was shaking from an orgasm.

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All silence, only frequent breathing destroyed this silence and so we fell asleep.
The next day I gave her a lift to work, and everything seemed to be the same as it was before, only now Oksana does not yell at anyone, raised her salary to everyone, and just became a man.
As for me, I choose a wedding ring on the Internet to make the proposals of the hand and heart of this bitch, but this is another story.
Kohl could not sleep.
Perhaps it was unusual for him to sleep not at home, but in a hotel.
Maybe this is the difference in time, only one hour.
Well, of course 11-30, in Moscow it is half past ten.
However, he was so tired that he was sure that he would fall asleep easily.
However, he could not sleep.
Damn business trip, drove all.
Maybe he was used to not sleeping alone, so I can’t fall asleep, Nick suddenly thought.
Our hero was a newlywed.
However, the relative newlyweds, this important event happened a little less than a year ago.
They were friends with Katya for many years, dreamed of getting married, but for a long time there was not enough money to create a family idyll.
Kohl still did not believe that this wonderful girl still chose him.
Tall, large, with big breasts, how many men were spinning around her, including the rich.
Kohl was three years older than his wife.
And her and his family were not very well off, so average.
Neither he nor she wanted to live with their parents, but there was no money for renting an apartment.
Money came first to rent an apartment, and more recently a mortgage loan was obtained from the employing bank, and finally, a small apartment of its own was purchased.
Katya had just graduated from the institute and did not lose hope of finding a job in a psychologist’s specialty.
Many years have passed since Kolya became the first (and as he hoped only) Katina man.
All these thoughts were spinning in the head of a young man who could not fall asleep.
The whole day I was working on a new computer system at the bank’s branch in the glorious city of Ensk, I was so tired, but I can’t sleep, well, what the young man thought. Sex and the city season 1 with subtitles online.

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