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Sex and the city season 2 episode 11 watch online.
He kissed my neck, never ceasing to finger my nipples with one hand, while the other lay on my stomach, and he firmly pressed me to his side, making barely noticeable movements with his pelvis.
This did not last long.
He gently pressed on my shoulders, forcing me to bend down and expose my ass, in the meantime, he quickly unzipped his jeans, pulled up a sweater on me, lowered my pants along with panties and abruptly entered me.

We did not completely undress, we stood with our backs to the kitchen door, and at any moment Dimka could wake up from our fuss and enter upon seeing us.
This was scary, and it was even more exciting.

Nikita made some strong movements, and then began to move gently, smoothly, very gently.
It inflamed me even more, I twisted my ass, I barely kept moans, I also wanted something more rigid, even a little rough, and at the same time I could not refuse this caress.
He did not let me finish, moving very slowly, sometimes speeding up the pace, but only felt that I was already on the verge – he again turned to soft movements.

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Finally, when I had already thought, that now, that’s all, now I’ll finish it and from this, he suddenly came out of me and silently pulled into the room.
There we undressed, with trembling hands tearing off our clothes and throwing them at random.
Nikita pushed me to the bed, knocked me back, drove a member into me, holding me tightly – and then did not spare me and myself, moved frantically, sharply, strongly, sometimes even accidentally “falling out” of my vagina, but again entering me .
These small stops made us both furious, we wanted to growl and squeal in full voice, but we only hissed through his teeth, remembering Dimka asleep behind the wall all the time.
If he woke up, he would still, of course, hear us, – the slight creaking of the bed and the squish sounds would speak for themselves.
Sex and the city season 2 episode 11 watch online.

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