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I, as the most correct, took the bed closest to the door in a “quiet” room, throwing a bag at it, in which two huge bottles of cherry wine plaintively rang.
For as long as I remember my carefree pioneering childhood, I was always sent to this very camp, and for months I had to look at these walls, which were covered with wallpaper of merry vomiting colors.
It was amusing, after almost 13 years, to return to the same places and reassess what these same villas were like.

I looked around.
Nothing changed.

Wallpapers are still the same ugly, finely written below with phrases like “Romka-fool” and “Peter was here.”
Ugly pioneer beds, in which more than one generation of children wrote for fear, listening to terrible stories for the night about green hands, black scarves and other rubbish.
Chandeliers of the sample of the 70s, or even the 60s, on which in childhood it was very convenient to hang up the underpants of the boys, whom they wanted to make fun of.
Everything as usual.
I smiled, stretched and walked into the next room, where the work of rearranging the beds and setting tables pulled out from the veranda was already in full swing.

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I must say that although I am a friend and Lenka, I have never communicated very intensively in her company, so more than half of the people were not familiar to me.
Well, they were not familiar – they will.
I pushed Lenka in the side and forced me to introduce me to each and every one of them.
Masha, Masha, Andrei, Kostik, Nata, Dima :.
so stop
I hardly ever remember them all.
Although Nata: hmm: a beautiful girl, however.
Nata: Fragile, slim, with a neat chest, noticeably protruding under her blouse.
Brown-eyed, brown hair to the shoulders, and so cute, so spicy, and at the same time touching mole above the upper sponge.
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