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Kohl began to push, to quickly pokakat, until there came some babysitter.
This time, the boy managed to get away in a big way without witnesses.
Having carefully wiped the ass, Kolya got up from the toilet and went to the washroom.

There he immediately put on his tights and only then washed his hands.
With a sigh of relief that this time everything worked out, Kolya left the toilet and headed down the corridor towards the door of the older group.
Wait! – he suddenly heard Vickin voice.
Kohl obediently stopped.
Did you go big? The nurse asked.
The boy nodded, blushing deeply.
Now let’s check how you wiped your ass, – Vika smiled, – Come on, pull the tights off! Kohl reluctantly lowered his pantyhose to his knees. Sex hunter 1980 online.

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