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I came in the white day.
In an hour, 18 guards were dead or unconscious.
Luichanio knelt before me and asked for mercy.

I spared him.
But he broke his spine and both arms.
He survived, but forever confined to a wheelchair.
I was given 180 years.
Having sat 22, I was freed.
I am married and I have two kids.
But I had to reflect on my actions for many years.
I figured revenge is a very bad thing.
The man silently took a bath and quietly went out, leaving the captive to weep bitterly and scream.
Time seemed to stop for Dasha, who was lying quietly on the crumpled things, trembling all over.
Her head was empty of thoughts, and the inner cold was increasingly enveloping her mind.
She still could not believe the reality of what was happening to her.
Like she was watching some scary movie.
Minutes slowly flowed into the clock, her eyes closed themselves and the girl, exhausted by the suffering, fell asleep.
Dasha did not know how much time had passed, but suddenly she felt as if a warm wave swept over her body, warming her whole essence.
Opening her eyes, the girl suddenly noticed her tormentor, who was watching her closely.
He was wearing the same dressing gown, only his hair was chipped behind him.
The girl started and rushed to the bars, forgetting everything: – You fucking crazy, let me out! You are crazy!!! His eyes narrowed, and a muscle twitched on his cheek, indicating that he was getting angry.

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– You forgot to add “Master” again.
He said slowly.
– Fuck you to hell !!! Her tormentor with a predatory gait began to approach his frightened victim, which resembled a wild doe, cornered.
A lazy grin played on his lips, and his movements were slow and unhurried.
Dasha instinctively backed away, her back against the bars of the lattice.
Suddenly, a quiet clang was heard, and her safe shelter began to rise.
The girl began to hastily look around, everywhere bumping into her and his

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reflection in the mirrors, driving her bag.
She abruptly rushed to the side, trying to be as far as possible from his tormentor, but he caught up with her in two jumps and grabbed her waist, pulled her to him, pressing her firmly against her wide chest.
They met their gaze in the reflection of the mirror and he slowly began to stroke her hands, continuously watching the reaction of the girl.
Dasha was as if hypnotized by his penetrating eyes.
his hands moved to her breasts and began to massage her, playing with hardened nipples.
The girl opened her mouth, as if trying to say something, but a low moan came from her lips as he squeezed her nipples and twisted them between her fingers.
She closed her eyes, trying to shake off his charms, wrapping her with thin threads of temptation.
– Open your eyes! He said quietly, as his hands went down her stomach and she felt the light touch of his fingers on her feminine essence.
– Not.
do not.
– She whispered, shaking her head, trying to escape from his persistent hands.
– Look at me! – he also calmly said, easily holding it in place.
Dasha is like a bird huddled harder, trying to prevent more intimate caresses on his part, still squinting that there are forces.
He squeezed her breasts with force, making the girl gasp from unexpected pain. Sex video camera hidden.

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