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Look, Lenka! – pushed another intern Oksana.
So shy! – Lena laughed.
Quickly released T-shirt! – ordered Kolya Larissa, – You will tear it now.

Kohl reluctantly let go of his shirt.
By the way, what are these two doing here? – asked Nastya.
One just went to the pot in a big way, – Olga showed at Vitya sitting on the pot, – And we are trying to get the second boy to pee.
Remember, I just explained to you the difference between the senior and nursery groups? – asked the interns Vera Andreevna, – In the nursery there is no toilet and everyone uses only the pots.
Now the nannies will explain everything to you.
We make sure that everyone regularly goes to the pot, ”Olya began to explain,“ Every two hours for a small one and 20 minutes after a meal for a large one. Spy cam sex tape.

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