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Sword art online sex toy. “And then I told the badger about the badger to the goose, I shook my head:“ You should have him here. ”
And let’s princess jump: -Well gusik, your mother! Here gusik helps me! – And he hugs his neck, Thoughts his goose chases: -What is there, jumping a goat, After all, you could just give.
I would not have refused, I would play with you.

The boatswain twists the sea at sea, For the stern of the water muddies, And the ship flies by an arrow, Rising above the wave.
Again, the island appeared, Once again, the people became agitated, They gunned from the pier, Kernels fly in the air, They were planted with a shot, Just the ship was not drowned, And the streltsy were killing them – They were ordering the ship.
Here the boat moored, He buried his nose in the pier, And the merchants are already met, They are invited to the city.

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And the merchants were all surprised: -Well, where did the city come from ?! – Badger as they saw, For a long time there was a huff, And finally they reached, To Gvidonka, to the palace.
There the princess goes out to them, He conducts the tables of merchants, He wants to treat notably And popizdit about life.
The guests both replied, they kept the answer before her, They told who they were And where-where they floated.
– We visited different countries, We traded in these countries – For thoroughbred horses We gathered chocolate, “Marsh”, “Snickers” we carry – We sell them at home, We must hurry, We’ve been waiting for us, the queen, And we are Salt call! -What are the guests, go, tell her hello, Like, the princess-girl orders, Low to bow to the tsarina, Like, Gvidonka lives here, To her guests she is waiting!

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And the merchants zasobiralis, On the boat rose, And the boat over the wave, Keeps way to his home.
All Gvidonka spent along the coast went, Gus again, right there: -Maybe they will give? Oh, I would have with her – But again he broke off.
-Gusik, dear, hurry up. You flood the fields with water, So that I can fly And that boat to catch up! Gus flapped his wings And doused her with water, She turned a fly Behind the ship started.
And the ship quickly rushed – It tried to boatswain, Soon arrived home, And to Saltanka, the whole crowd.
She already meets them, And she expects stories, How they bargain, Maybe they saw a miracle.
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