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Get down! – ordered Vika, – That’s it.
The boy felt the nurse wipe him between the buttocks with a wet baby napkin.
“It’s a clean ass,” she said.

Let me check, ”came another young voice behind Kolya.
Turning his head, Kolya saw Olya, one of the nurseries of the nursery.
Don’t you believe me? – Vika laughed.
We still have a shortage in the nursery group, – Vick Olya slyly winked.
Again making Kohl bend over, Olya climbed a wet napkin between his buttocks.
Unlike the previous nurse, she immediately plunged her finger into Colin’s hole.
And you call that clean booty? – with a triumphant view, Olya Vika showed a dirty napkin, – We’ll have to take this little boy to us.
Kohl almost cried for the insult.
He so diligently wiped his ass in the toilet, but the picky Olya, who wanted to take him to the nursery, still got her way. Try on glasses with webcam.

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