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Then his right hand moves to my waist, the second hand goes through my fingers.
I have a desire to hug him around the waist too.
But I suppressed this perverse desire, I hide my right hand in the pocket of the jacket, and he holds his left hand as if he were the owner.

We talk about this and that: about the last series shown on TV, about raising prices, about how good it is in the forest, and whether it is worth going on vacation to the south, or better to spend it by the lake in the middle lane.
At some point, his right hand with a waist falls on my ass.
As it is stuck to the buttocks, but does not squeeze them and, even, does not stroke.
It must be said, the feeling from his hand is pleasant.
But I’m a guy, and I should be disgusted when they grab my ass.
I quietly take this hooligan hand and return it to my waist.
We don’t say a word about this, as if nothing had happened, only Maxim sighs with disappointment.
We return to the car by another road, and when a wide ditch comes across to us, Maxim picks me up in my arms, like a child, and steps over it.
One hand holds me under the knees, the other embraces my back and holds me under my arm.
A brush covered my little bit – as if by accident.
Maxim is not in a hurry to put me on the ground, glad to touch my chest even through clothes.
It is very convenient to lie in his arms, but it is unusual.
– Maxim let go.
– I quietly ask.
What does this happen to me? Why is my soul boyfriend pleased that Maxim does with me as a girl? His attempts to caress Natasha are rather timid, it seems that the guy is not experienced in dealing with girls.

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Or Natasha likes him so much that he is afraid of offending her with indiscreet caresses and breaking the friendship that has arisen.
While I was thinking about this topic, Maxim sits on a big stump and places me on his lap.
Natasha’s girl’s priest is resting on his hips, Maxim is hugging my waist with both hands.
I embrace him by the neck, I feel well and relaxed on his lap.
Under the booty I do not feel anything solid, the member does not rest on it.
He put on tight swimming trunks? A crazy thought arises: “maybe it shouldn’t be worth it? Just feel it.”
Imagine what would happen if I now take up hand for his member.
Maxim will take it as permission for action and then “goodbye, my virgin.”
Or maybe I’m no longer a virgin, you never know what happened before I met Maxim.
Then, all the more so: “Viktor Dolgikh, lad, if you please substitute your cunt!” Maxim kisses me on the lips (surprisingly nice), strokes the cheek, the neck.
And again he kisses the bottom of the neck, in the hole under the neck.
I throw back my head and do not move.
Well, bummed out! My boyfriend unbuttoned his jacket and took up the top button on his blouse.
That is why she has a front fastener – now his hand will crawl through his bosom, to my tities, to my white breasts

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With all my strength I squeeze the buttons lying below in my fist, I do not allow them to unbutton it.
Maxim understood everything correctly and does not move further.
With a passion for kisses my neck, and the bully hand again fell on her thigh and tries to stroke it.
That would now stand up, turn your back on him and sticking out the ass.
Let him stroke, rumples, squeezes my tender berries.
But both the male consciousness and the girlish modesty are against this: I still know very little about Maxim and am not sure how he will behave if I allow him such liberty.
I am very pleased, but enough, enough, enough! Otherwise, I cannot vouch for myself and I can allow, God knows what. Watch channel sex online.

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