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I began to tilt my head left and right.
A member of Alla in my mouth and throat as if rotated, then in one direction, then in another.
Feeling the trembling of her legs and hearing a pre-gas moan, I stopped my head and tried to “growl” with my throat.

Naturally, there was no growling, as my mouth was securely closed with a “gag”, but my bundles vibrated, tickling the head of the Allochka member.
Alla trembled, as if this vibration had passed from her penis to her whole body.
She began to push her wand even deeper into my throat with small jolts, giving out enthusiastic screams.
– BUT! BUT! BUT! ABOUT! ABOUT! ABOUT! Yes! Yes! ABOUT! Still! STILL! STILL! EEEEOOOOOOUUUUUUUU !!!!!! Hot streams splashed into my throat, I swallowed them, but did not have time.
There was so much sperm that she not only escaped from my mouth, tightly plugged by a member, but also struck through the nose.
I almost choked.
But then Allochkina’s body weakened, her knees buckled, she went limp, the member slipped out of my mouth, and I finally took a breath of air. Watch free sex movies online free.

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