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And this is already millions of losses! I’m not talking about.
However, you will see everything in my report before you are fired !!! “We’ll see, Angela Igorevna,” I answered calmly, “And once you’ve finished, I’m waiting for you in the inspection room.”
– Rejoice, rejoice, Sergey Valerievich.

I see you feel calm under the auspices of Peter Vladlenovich.
But he is not the only shareholder.
There is a government on you! “Can I convey your words to Petr Vladlenovich?”, Poisonously I inquired, Angela immediately stopped, hung her head, turned round and walked to the exit.
The first Svetlana reappeared in the inspection room.
Seeing me in the room, she, unlike the previous time, was noticeably embarrassed.
– I apologize, but at the exit the inspection is more complete.
So that nothing is taken out.
“What can I endure?” The woman, who flushed her face, asked sharply.
– Polymer chips.
Our competitors would give expensive to get at least one without a case.
They, as you noticed, are very small and can easily be carried on the body.
“I see,” the woman replied humbly, “What should I do?” I put on disposable gloves and took a flashlight in my hand.
– Open your mouth, please.
Good teeth, fresh breath and, of course, no chips.
– Sorry again, but it will not be very pleasant anymore.
Nothing personal.
This job.
Believe me, it also brings me

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pleasure, just like you.
Lift up your chest.
Svetlana blushed even more, and with both hands raised her huge hemispheres to show that there was nothing in the folds either.
Then I carefully, so as not to damage the hairstyle, and checked her hair.
When I asked her to turn around, bend over and push her buttocks apart, my cock was already standing like Santa Claus.
It’s good that outwardly, thanks to tight jeans, this was almost imperceptible.
Only briefly glancing at her tightly compressed dark ring of the anus and the gap below between the puffy lips, covered with red curls, I decided not to humiliate the woman anymore and, apologizing again, let go.

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She left the inspection almost running, pressing her heavy breasts swaying with each movement.
Katerina also had to explain the reason for a more detailed examination.
She behaved dergano, but, like Svetlana, obediently submitted to my humiliating requests.
Another thing Angela.
Seeing that I put on a new pair of gloves, she flatly refused to undergo the procedure.
A real hysterics happened to her.
She squealed, squirted saliva and threatened me with a wide variety of punishments.
I gave her time to calm down, and then said firmly.
– You can shout as much as you like, but you will not leave here, Angela Igorevna, until I see you.
Or by personal order of Peter Vladlenovich.
Although I know in advance what the answer will be.
– Well, I’m ready to go through the scanner, but I will not give a touch to myself! – Sorry, but this CHEAP model cannot detect polymer chips hidden on the body and in the body.
They are polymeric, you must understand this, since you occupy such an important post.
Of course it was a lie.
Although the chips were called polymeric, the metal in them was still contained in sufficient quantity to determine.
But how was it not to stab this bitch again? Angela thought for a long time, playing with nubs on her beautiful face, and finally agreed to search.
Once again promising me that she will not just leave this case.
I busily examined the mouth and hair.
But Angelina boobs lifted himself already.
From the third attempt.
Twice received before the hands.
They were tight and elastic.
And the fold under them was still only outlined.
“Pervert,” the woman commented.
– Not at all.
Just act on the instructions.
It’s clear here, ”I said, not without regret, letting go of her two charms,“ now I ask you to turn, legs wider than shoulders, bend over and move your buttocks apart. ”
I pointedly took from the niche a cooked tube of lubricant and squeezed it generously onto my index finger.
Angela looked at me in such a way that I could hardly resist a triumphant smile.
In the look was anger, and shame, and fear at the same time.
– What.
What are you going to do ?, she asked in a broken voice – Checking the internal cavities, Angela Igorevna.
The usual procedure, I replied with indifference.
– I will not let! – Allow me, Angela Igorevna.
Bend over and push the buttocks apart.
– Well, you pop-al! – a woman strained through tightly compressed lips.
And this time her threat sounded so convincing that for the first time I doubted whether I should do what I was going to do.
But she did what was required of her, and I had nowhere to retreat. Watch sex and the city season 2 online free.

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