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Natasha slightly bent her legs,

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and Alyosha began to cling to her, clasping her arms.
I moved from the couch and then something became clear.
In the gap between them, I saw a member enter and exit Natasha.

But his head did not appear.
The labia, with each exit, seemed not to let him out, and stretched slightly behind him.
The dick was all wet.
Natasha raised her leg again and began stroking and crushing Aleshina’s testicles with manicured fingers.
After 2-3 minutes, I heard Natasha groaning and sobbing.
Her body began to strive towards Alyosha with force.
A few more moments and Natasha, having clenched and straightening her legs, stopped the movement.
“Enough, leave Leah,” she whispered.
They lay motionless, turned over on their backs, and rested.
Natasha’s chest rose high and often, her legs were spread apart, and I saw a small droplet slide down from her skin.
The hairs were covered with a viscous white liquid, under large, slightly swollen sponges, with small rose petals.
Alyosha lay motionless.
A member of it was sent and almost pressed to the stomach.
After such a spectacle, I myself was all wet, my mouth was dry.
Alyosha stood up and lay on his back next to me.
Natasha opened her eyes and looked at us.
I stood up and gently, with two fingers, touched Alyosha’s member.
It was hard, hot and slightly damp.
Alyosha did not prevent me from considering him, even to make it easier for me, he moved closer.
I grabbed a member of the hand and pulled down.
The skin began to creep away and the head was slightly exposed.
I let go of my hand, and everything fell into place.
I again, this time stronger, pulled, exposing the head more and more.
Suddenly, the skin itself slid further, and the head remained completely naked.

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I was scared and tried to close it, but I did not succeed.
The skin for some reason, everything went backwards.
Alyosha smiled and with his own hand, moving harder, closed his head.
Then, consciously, I opened it again.
Having inclined to consider everything, I sensed the smell Natasha’s familiar to me coming from the member.
For some reason, this smell always attracted and excited me.
How fascinated I looked at the brilliant red head with my own Natasha’s scent.
I leaned over and kissed him.
The hand that covered the member felt how he started and tensed even more.
It seemed funny to me and I kissed him again and again.
Every time I received a response from a member.
I was already on the tracks, one hand holding the penis, and the other leaning on my knee.
He clearly liked my kisses and I continued.
Alyosha put his hand between my legs and began stroking my entrance in return.
It became very nice, especially when Alyosha’s finger sank a little deeper.
He was bigger and thicker than Natashyn and brought more pleasure.
Laski continued.
Alyosha’s other hand lay on my head and bent my head down to the member.
I remembered the photo, and what the woman was doing on it.
I opened my mouth and put the head in it.
Trying not to hurt him with my teeth, I pressed my head to the sky with my tongue and tried to swallow it.
My movement was something like sucking.
The head was gentle, slippery and very large.
Under the pressure of Alyosha’s hand, she more and more immersed in my mouth, making it difficult to breathe.
I pushed her out of my mouth and recoiled, but seeing the imploring look of Alyosha, I began to suck and lick the head again.
My caress was probably Alesha pleasant.
He was all to meet me.
Suddenly, he sharply pushed my head away from the penis.
The member made several movements and a thin stream of white liquid splashed out of its hole.
I realized that I had brought Alyosha to orgasm with my caresses.
The realization that I fully satisfied his passion filled me with a warm feeling for him.
I kissed and stroked his quickly weakening member.
I had such a feeling that it was not him, but I experienced a complete sense of satisfaction of passion.
I was well and calm.
It’s not me, but he’s just me.
(I did not know of another word in this sense, except for Natashyny).
All three satisfied and tired, we lay on the couch and exchanged small grateful caresses.
Part 6 Alesha.
I have not seen women for almost half a year.
In our party they were not.
Therefore, the meeting and life together with these girls made me very happy. Web cam sexy.

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