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Well, okay, girls, finish the # patient and the idea of ??sisterly.
Sleep a little bit because you need.
When Zaya and Cellophane came to sisterhood, there was a vase with flowers on the table, a bottle of

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A box of chocolates lay nearby.
– Congratulations! – Thank! The girls rushed to hug and kiss Gena.
– will this all? – Hid in the closet.
Sneak from you brought.
By the way, from the hugs and kisses my eclair swells again.
– Let me feel.
– Yes, what kind of dream is there ?! – Drift # over the bumps! It was on such a positive note that the night of March 7th to 8th was coming to an end in the zhopny department of one of the hospitals of our vast Motherland.
It was in the bath.
About a month ago my friend Volodya had a birthday, t.
he is a family man and a sedate (despite the fact that he is a rare dolbyobob) invited all his friends along with his wives to the sauna.
The booze somehow did not go, and for the introduction, so to speak, of the amusement element, he decided to make all the men present a cocktail with a pre-purchased Viagra.
Naturally without warning anyone.

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I have never experienced the above chemistry on myself and therefore my feelings were extremely frighteningly incomprehensible to me: At first, I felt that my heart had somehow not beaten so fast, then I felt that something was starting to lift the bed sheet that was covered my legs.
FUCK FINGER – what the fuck? I thought.
The blessing of the spouse was near and we politely bowed (as far as the vzbybivshiysya dick allowed) retired to the trachen-room (which is in every sauna respecting itself)
Such apartments, now it was fashionable to call: “Studio”.
Two floors occupied a sort of studio.
The rooms were like, but without a front wall with doors.
In different places there were rooms, tables, televisions, sofas, washbasins and toilets.
Awkward jumble of necessary or unnecessary things.
People living in this apartment, often did not move in the usual way, and rode on rollers or a device with an electric drive, remotely similar to a scooter.
It is on this scooter, George arrived in the compartment, resembling a kitchen, living room and bedroom at the same time.
At a table made, probably of glass, a trinity of customers sat on three sides.
Which of them is a man, it was not possible to determine.
All the “ladies” were dressed up in absurd dresses and hats that are indescribable.
One had long, curly brown hair, the other was straight, fair-haired, also below the shoulders.
At the third: red, carefully curled in large curls.
The make-up was more likely a clown, or rather grotesque.
Huge eyelashes, heavily browed, too bright lipstick, screaming makeup.
– Sit down, – the redhead pointed at the empty place, – how to name you? Webcam library nude.

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