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On Friday evening, the whole family went to the neighbors to celebrate Svetkin’s birthday.
Yesterday she was fourteen years old, but it was decided to celebrate it today, just under the weekend.
I was older than Svetka by almost a year and a half, but she looked like my age and for more than a year now we had to fuck with her.

For the first time it happened on drunk in the basement of a neighboring house.
But, and then she was no longer a girl.
After going over the excess, Svetka blurted out that she had already tried it with her father.
After that, I also stared at my mother, but I didn’t even imagine what kind of “Makar” could drive up to her, so that she would allow me to see her charms.
My mother was still a young and very attractive woman.
Sveta’s mother, Nina Petrovna, also looked youthful and sometimes her magnificent forms also attracted my attention.
Both of them worked at the school where Sveta and I were studying.
Mom taught English, and Nina Petrovna taught math.
With our neighbors, we lived on the same landing, so after a minute, even without changing slippers, we were sitting at the festive table.
There were six of us in total, because no one was invited anymore.
Svetkoy and I were seated side by side, and our parents settled on the sides of the table.
Toasts sounded, champagne flowed, then dessert wine and then vodka.
Somehow they quickly began to get drunk.
The toasts went into the usual drunken conversations, when everyone is talking and no one is listening to anyone.
I did not drink vodka and quietly went home to watch the delayed porn film.
This disc guys gave me only for a day.
He wanted to take Svetka with him, but she was the center of attention of all the drunken company.
The film was already coming to an end, when my mother and Nina Petrovna burst into our apartment noisily.

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I quickly turned off the video and listened.
– Well, Tanya, you and home.
Now rest, and tomorrow we will get drunk.
– Ninok.
You do not go away.
– Yes, of course, I will stay with you.
Maybe you can help undress? – Not.
I myself.
But this later.
– Well, that’s clever.
Then I, nevertheless, will go.

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“Ninotchka, let’s take another nap for the road,” the mother immediately called me and sent me to the kitchen after the bottle of vodka started yesterday.
I was also charged with pouring vodka into glasses.
The women drank together and Aunt Nina went back to her house again, but I, not yet understanding why, immediately filled the glasses again.
Women calmly laid waste to them, as if they were just waiting for it.
I filled the glasses again, already realizing that I wanted to make them drink.
Mom took the glass herself, and the glass of Aunt Nina I handed to her.
She quickly knocked it into her mouth and immediately left the room.
Not knowing how, but I decided to detain her and also jumped out into the corridor.
But it turned out that Aunt Nina was in a hurry not to go home, but because of her need, and I managed only to notice how she disappeared behind the door of the bathroom, combined with the toilet.
Returning to my mother, I found her already sleeping right in the chair.
But how she slept! Her body slipped almost to the very back of the chair, and her hips noticeably got out from under the skirt and slightly diverged.
A thin strip of her panties invitingly attracted to her.
And I could not stand it.
With a hand trembling with fear and excitement, I touched her knee and looked into her eyes.
Mom was sleeping.
My hand moved up a couple of centimeters higher on her leg.
Mom did not react to this.
Without taking my eyes off her face, I moved further along the naked thigh and then I realized that my mother was sleeping with a mortal sleep.
I boldly touched the desired panties and immediately felt the enchanting warmth of the female genitalia.
I lost my mind from arousal, but I still realized that Aunt Nina was still in the apartment, and even my father could show up from her neighbors at any time.
Slowly thinking about what could have been done, I went out into the corridor and stopped by the toilet.
Behind the door was quiet.
I touched the door and it opened.
With caution I looked inside: Aunt Nina was sitting on the toilet and was also sleeping.
Without knowing what to do, I cautiously approached her and touched her shoulder. Www pink cam live sex chat.

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