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She wanted to see her small wardrobe, to think through every little thing: a scarf, clips, to prepare a dress, to clean everything, to stroke to match the elegance of Bone; think about what to talk about so that he would be interested in her.
She knew about artists, well, unforgivably little, and one day in the library could not fill a similar gap.
Her knowledge of music was not much better.

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“Do not worry, for a few minutes I will disappear, drop the landing on the destroyer and immediately return,” I squeezed the girl.
– Mark, and if you die? What will happen to our child? – Tanya asked angrily.
“I won’t die at all, either.”

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Is going? Well, then let’s drink and go.
After drinking and drinking, Andrew got up and went with the words: Well, I’ve all bowed out.
Good night to you! Good morning! – Sergey added, and he felt somehow uncomfortable that Andrei went to his wife, who was innocently sleeping in their room.

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And the worst thing is that I like it.
He yanked at my hair and set the pace for himself.
Soon Sergey finished.

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Max pushed Diana away.
The girl lay on her back, But she did not remove her hand from her partner’s member, continuing to slightly raise the Organ.
Max carefully, trying not to rattle closet, bent over the girl.

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I started to cum, the sperm did not ooze out of my penis, she just flew out of me onto Misha’s chest.
When I stopped cum, Misha took me by the waist and, putting my head down on the floor from top to bottom, began to sink into my ass.
At first, my legs dangled in different directions, then Misha gathered them together and squeezed tightly at the knees from which the passage into the ass became narrower, apparently so it did not last long.

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If earlier we used the standard missionary position and always only at night with complete darkness, now! We fucked wherever possible, and not possible! Animal instincts are awake! First of all, we tried our entire apartment, window sills, a bathroom, on the balcony, in all the rooms I was fighting Marinka! And she happily screamed.
Then our occupation continued! We tried in the stairwell, on the staircase, even at the neighbor, who sometimes left, leaving us the keys for watering flowers! Variations were endless! Marinka stopped cooking at home, we just didn’t have time for that! We started eating in restaurants and cafes! By the way, public catering toilets were also watered abundantly with my sperm and its secretions.
I entered Marina’s office, forgot to say she works as a designer in one advertising firm.

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We spent the evenings together, sometimes ending the working day in my bed.
We did not even think about continuing our sexual experiments with teenagers again.
So far, as always, the case has not turned up.
The chief of our company was a deputy and, as a non-poor person, he helped low-income families from his district, and also financially supported an orphanage and a vocational school that trained specialists for the village.

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The second portion went into her mouth, this time a yellow clot.
I started to chew and stumbled upon something round.
Pulling it out of my mouth, I saw undigested yellow pea from lettuce plastered with brown feces.

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Goat! – Fuck you whore! – Hey! Hello! How are you talking! – Eugene cast his voice.
– And you asshole, in general who is? – asked Hippolyte.
– I’m her future! – Zhenya got up.

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And now I once again surrendered to the sinful land, on the train, rushing to the blessed south.
In a sweet anticipation of an early meeting with the sea, we with the writer were in joyful excitement and carefree, like children.
The terrain on which we rode was quite deserted, and we did not close the curtain on the window.