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I am sure, if she offered me this, she would not regret it.
Why doesn’t anyone do that? Who banned it? If it depended on men, we would live much more fun.
Now, when the heat, and all polurazdety, I will not be particularly picky.

I want almost everyone.
I sit down opposite the chosen temptress and understand that I was not mistaken.
From my place you can clearly see everything under her skirt.
If I confessed to her that I was staring all the way at her panties, trying to examine every hair that had come through the lace, would she agree to raise her skirt and show me everything close and in detail? No, of course, hardly, but in the shower, perhaps, she wants this? A cheerful and dazzling girl in a tight T-shirt and without a bra sits next to her.
I see her nipples so close that I almost feel their honey taste in my mouth.
I can see close-up hairs on her bare arms.
I love to brush lips on the female body.
The girl has only one drawback – the guy she sits on her lap and kisses on the lips.
I would like to be in his place and just as unceremoniously suck her sweet tongue.
So there are girls who want carnal love? Judging by what the boy looks like, neither romance nor money can be taken from him – she obviously travels with him only to have sex.
Why not with me? Leaving the train, I accidentally touch the bare hand of a beautiful neighbor.
Unforgettable warm touch of the desired female body.
Rather, rather.
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Summary of the first, second and third parts.
Once I noticed that the little wife was reading something on the home computer screen with enthusiasm.
Then I managed to get access to this Pulp.
My wife and I fantasized together, not always adhering to the advice given in blogs.

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Our fantasies were: PART 1: “Fantasy number 1.

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AT THE SAME TIME “,” Fantasy No. 2.
“Fantasy number 3.
“Fantasy number 5.
SEX WITH A STRANGER “,” Fantasy number 6.
“No. 6.
Stripper “,” №6.
A call girl. ”
“Fantasy number 6.
“No. 6.
A call girl. ”
She arrived at the appropriate time.
I helped her take off her raincoat, put her hand under her skirt, opened her labia and moved there, then sniffed a finger, smacked her and said: “To wash – wash, march, nasty girl!” I took her to the bathroom (and he managed to take a shower before the arrival of the call girl).
Pouring wine into glasses and putting cucumbers, carrots, bananas on a plate (guess why vegetables – fruits were all elongated in shape?) And chocolate, I delivered meals to the room and turned on the video (porn, as recommended by competent people from articles).
When my little girl entered the room (in an apron, which barely covered her nakedness, and slippers), on the screen a school teacher with a student for a couple dragged a woman – head teacher in her office.
I put the chair, sat the girl in it, and he sat back on the chair.
Slowly, I massaged the “guest” breasts, paying special attention to her swollen hardened nipples.
Then patted his tummy.
– What’s your name? – Masha.
– Do you like movies? – Yes.
– And you will give, Masha? – Dame.
– Lie down on your stomach, on the sofa, facing the TV, and I’ll put my lollipop in the side of my mouth, polygie first.
She licked and sucked my dick, squinting at the screen.
On the screen, they stopped fucking the satisfied head teacher (or the satisfied head teacher?), And now the student, sitting on a push in the school toilet, was sucking off from her classmate.
Having satisfied myself with the work of my girlfriend, I did not finish the job.
– Now stand on the sofa, on your knees, facing the screen, and you will miss something interesting.
(Porn videos and porn movies on the subject of the story! – approx.
) “Masha” obediently settled on the couch, slightly spreading her legs.
On the screen, another high school student pulled two hooligans on the stairs.
I peeled a banana, gave a bite to the girl, bit off a piece myself and put a large residue of fruit into her mouth.
Asking the lady to suck the fruit with her lips, and not bite him, I began to fuck her banana in her mouth. Adult cam chat.

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