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Claudia put a small package and, taking the medicine, left.
In the package lay a black thin transparent jumpsuit with sleeves and a zipper down for pussy.
Marie feverish.

How does it get home? Excitement mixed with fear.
No, I will not go, she decided.
At eight o’clock Marie gathered home.
But something inside did not give her peace of mind.
Just try on, I thought.
Fully undressed, she pulled on her jumpsuit and looked in the mirror.
From the idea that it is possible to go outside in a fully translucent robe, Marie’s excitement reached its climax.
She was afraid to touch the clitoris, so as not to immediately finish.
After weaving the coat and purse over her arm, Marie looked out through the back door.
It was dark.
Evening, but warm air doused the almost naked woman from head to toe.

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Marie, shivering not from the cold, locked the door and, on her unbending legs, moved out of a small darkish doorway to the street.
But courage is not enough to go out on a large lighted street.
Marie put on a raincoat, tied a belt and slowly, went to the bus stop.
Putting her hand in her pocket, she could not restrain herself, made a hole there and began to caress her pussy by unzipping the overalls.
Marie’s body was covered with sweet languor.
Fear is gone, I wanted to raise the bar of passion higher.
There was nobody at the bus stop.
Looking at the schedule, it became clear that wait seven minutes.
Marie moved a little to the side, where the light from the lamps did not fall.
Having risen near a tree, she untied the belt on a raincoat and felt another surge of emotions.

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A minute later, and the cloak was removed.
Marie simply convulsed with bliss.
Touching the pubis, the juices immediately began to flow through their fingers.
Suddenly the bus appeared.
What it was, she ran into the bus and froze for a second.
A group of young people settled in the back, their lively conversation subsided at the sight of Marie.
Two girls and a guy were shocked to see a young woman in this form.
Marie plopped down in a chair in front of them near the window.
What the driver managed to see was unclear, but the bus moved on.
The young people whispered.
Marie did not hear them.
Remembering, she pulled out a vibrator from her purse and began to stroke the swollen sex lips.
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