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The blouse was unbuttoned, and the seductive balls of the breasts lay in the cups of the bra, waiting for the young man to unbutton the fastener, release them and take them into his hands.
Katya threw a glance at the guy who was already looking not at the phone, but somewhere in the area of ​​her belly.
I watched carefully, obviously thinking about something.

At this point, she noticed an increasing bump on the guy’s jeans.
From the knowledge that she had just yet aroused a stranger, Katya had a wave of warm satisfaction running through her body and she relaxed.
Katya imagined how he embraces her from behind, entwining her fingers with her, and kisses her neck.
Rises above and caresses lips behind ears.
And she bends, resting her ass on his hips.
Then he strokes her hips and belly and slowly unbuttons her blouse.
Nikita came out of dreams and looked at her face.
The girl was sitting, biting the bottom sponge, and looked exactly at his penis under jeans.
She seemed to feel that Nikita was looking at her and lifted her big eyes.
Having met the guy with a look she was embarrassed, brought her knees together and flushed slightly.
Nikita involuntarily smiled at her, and she immediately smiled sweetly in response.
Then she took a quick look along the train at a few passengers, who usually paid no attention to anyone, and again bit down on a plump lower sponge, playfully looking at Nikita.

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She took the fabric of the skirt with both hands and slightly pulled her upstairs, further exposing her legs.
At the same time, she smoothly spread her knees a little more than last time, and Nikita with pleasure saw the white panties of the passenger opposite.
The guy in front gave Kate the warmth of his sweet smile, while with great interest staring at her crotch.
Kate was very pleased by the sensations in her lower abdomen and by the fact that, judging by the appearance of the guy, he completely shares these sensations.
She, putting her left hand on her knee, held it along the inner side of the thigh, watching as the young man closely watched her movement.
The palm reached the panties, while lifting the skirt on his left leg even

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Under the jeans, the guy already perfectly guessed the outlines of his excited member.
The young man also glanced along the car, took his gym bag and put himself on his left leg.
Katya had not yet understood why, as he took the lock of his fly and brought it down.
Then he fiddled a bit, and an excited dick appeared in front of Katya.
Kate immediately wanted to take off his pants, but the guy was in no hurry, but watched her.
Katya understood that in this game he was waiting for some kind of reciprocal step from her.
Seductive girl opened her mouth, looking at the penis, and her hand rose to the blouse, unbuttoning the second button.
The balls of the breasts became slightly visible in the neckline, and Nikita could not choose where to look now.
But the girl quickly helped him decide with throwing, spreading his legs even wider and putting his palm on the white cloth between them.
She also covered herself with her handbag from the rest of the passengers, although it was not very clear what to close with such a small thing. Anal cam.

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