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She looked around the room.
Black and white photographs depicted girls in a corset like hers, in a white gas mask with a veil at the back.

Most of the photos also had knitting needles in their breasts.
Nat with horror considered this monstrous gallery.
Somewhere from the girl skinned legs like monstrous bloody stockings.
Somewhere she had bloodied fingers without skin trying to do something in an incomprehensible mechanism.
On others, and at all the limbs were amputated and the stumps were closed with steel strips.
On a pair of girls hung on dozens of threads, pierced the skin with shark fishing hooks.
And part of the hooks stretched out of her vagina and anus.
Right from the inside.
In one photo, the second girl, without a gas mask, seemed to be visible only from the back, herself in a corset, ripped off and in hooves, hiding her back on her back, crucified in a metal frame, tightening the back lacing of the corset on her.
Suddenly the familiar room flashed.
Saddle and girl sitting on it.
It was filed in close-up, side view, a hand tucking the second member into the anus, a rounded thigh with traces of hickeys and lashes.

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It seems that this is what is required of her to continue.
Nat walked around the saddle.
Metal construction of small hexagons with small gaps between them, a slightly wider line dividing the saddle in half and sticking out two members in the middle.
Ahead, two handles of something black, seemingly shiny rubber, also in the form of members, protruding upward, like two joysticks on a bicycle handlebars, were found.
She sat down carefully, so that the members were behind her.
The saddle was cold, goosebumps running down my legs.
But for evacuated swollen lips, it was even a relief.
– Insert members, grab the handrails! – sounded a voice that Natella has already hated.
Before the saddle the screen flashed in the air, showing Nata’s figure on the side in a translucent display and the saddle with the members in natural form.
She stood up, put her hand between her legs and sent the first member into the vagina.
On the dry, he painfully moved apart the edges and climbed very reluctantly, and then Nat, like a real pornstar, spat on her hand and smeared her ringed member with saliva.
Repeating the operation immediately and with the second, she sent one into the vagina, and then moved her hand back – in the anus.
I sat down and then it seemed to prick her – she

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had already seen it, in the photo, right here is such a position of the hand, raised above the member’s thigh.
But did not have time to comprehend.
The members strained, straightened, plunging into her exhausted depths, the edges of the saddle wrapped around her legs, fixing the position of the body, pulling it to the saddle. Anal solo girl webcam.

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