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I was just waiting for the end, not controlling its actions.
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I realized that she was thinking when the rods were connected to the wiring.
And it began! Electrical discharges stitched and drilled my nerve endings all over my body, I struggled and screamed in pain, and Cleo eagerly absorbed all my cramps and decibels of a cry.
She adjusted the electric shock to the groups of my organs, according to the strength of the blows, I just went crazy with pain.
And when it seemed that I was about to die, Cleo saddled me again.
and, continuing to beat me with discharges, furiously huddled on my pump-member.
Either the glass bougere left some microgap in the channel, or it struck with a current at some particular point, only I finished with frenzy, and at the end of my penis slowly crawled out dense, whitish bubbling cum of sperm. Anal squirt webcam.

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