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,” I looked down, embarrassed.
– Let’s go to the balcony, breathe the air, – Anya smiled, inviting me to go after her.

In addition, I was ready to swear that she gave the girls some kind of sign, but then I did not pay attention to it.
I went after Anya.
We entered the dark room.
Nearby came the sound of a closing door.
I looked around, not understanding anything.
At that moment the blinding light blinded me.
And then something completely unexpected happened.
They knocked me down and put my face against the carpet.
I did not expect this from the girls, so I allowed them to wring their hands behind my back and immobilize me.
– What are you doing?! – I shouted, having come to my senses.
– My dear, you can not try, – Anya answered with a mocking voice, – In this house there is excellent sound insulation, and all exits are locked.
– Why do you need this? – I almost whispered, I whispered.
Anya bent over my face and whispered in my ear: – I love such sweet girls like you.
From these words I got goosebumps.
I realized what was waiting for me, and huddled in hysterics.
But no, they held me tight.

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“Give her to me,” came Lisa’s voice.
Anya and Oksana carried me to a luxurious bed, where Lisa securely fixed my head between her thighs; I stood cancer and cried from powerless anger and humiliation.
As soon as I started to break out – the girl squeezed her hips a little stronger, forcing her to leave any resistance.
In this case, four hands took off my clothes, leaving me completely naked.
Then they put me on the bed, chained my arms and legs to her back.
So I lay – naked, with arms and legs spread wide apart, unable to cover my charms.
– Beautifully done! – Oksana, who was the same age as my age, smiled.
“Yes, smart girl,” answered Lisa.
“Please do not let me go,” I asked through tears.
Anya lay down next to me and kissed me on the cheek: “Just relax and enjoy.”
Anya, despite my resistance, gave me a French kiss.
She covered my body with passionate kisses.
Having passed the collarbone, her lips caressed my chest and fell lower and lower.
Finally, she touched the tip of the tongue of that place.
At that moment I was ready to die of shame – I was never attracted by girls, and sometimes I had a love fantasy with a friend that I was very embarrassed about.
But despite this, the tongue of Ani, who was torturing my pussy, gave me incredible pleasure – and I felt an unbearable shame.
And the sweeter the waves of pleasure that passed through my body, curving with pleasure, were all the sweeter.
She stopped this sweet torture.
– Did you like it? – Not! – turning away, I answered.
– Well, Larochka, your body thought differently.
I bit my lip.
Anya was completely right.
Meanwhile, the girls got rid of the clothes. Audio sex online.

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