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To her horror, it barely covered her breasts and ass, but there was no other option.
She wiped her hair and came out of the bath on her socks.
Philip stared dumbfounded at the floor naked Vasya.

The fork fell out of his hands, his mouth opened, but he could not say anything

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She also stared at him with her brown eyes, now wide-open.
Water dripped from the hairs onto the floor.
Vaska turned and went to the suitcase, leaving Philip to sit in a frenzy.
When Philip came to himself, he got up and kicked a chair.
He was not slow to fall with a crash.
Now he had a different appetite, and his flesh obviously made this known.
Vasilisa, as if nothing had happened, entered the kitchen, sat down on a chair, and sat down to sweep everything from her plate.
Philip was taken aback at first.
The girl had a long T-shirt, barely covering her hips, and one shoulder was open.
Bon appetit, – only he said and a bullet jumped out of the kitchen.
Vasilisa was so hungry that she did not notice his gaze, the upturned stool and the way he left the room, covering the standing penis with his hand.
In the evening, she decided to treat Philip with a beer.
He left the house for a while, just at that time Vaska jumped into the store, which she saw literally on the opposite street.
When Vasya came home, she found Philip in his room on the second floor, which was adjacent to her room.
He sat at the table and peered intently at the text on the monitor.
She saw his wide back and strained shoulders — he never wore a T-shirt.
Will you have a beer? The girl asked Philip, seated.

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He turned around and, surprisingly to Vasilisa, got up and walked towards her.
But his subsequent actions surprised her even more.
Philip walked over to her, leaned over her face, and then slammed the door in front of her.
Yes, what’s the matter? Do not want – tell me straight! Why arrange scenes, – said Vasya and turned around, ready to leave.
The door behind her opened abruptly, then it pushed against the wall.
Philip was immediately close, he put his hands on either side of her and stared straight into her eyes.
Say what I want? So that you stop walking around the house in towels and your short rags, – lightning flashed in his eyes and Vasilisa cringed a little under that look, – Do not joke with me.
So, in your opinion, I deliberately, pursuing some known purpose only to you, pacing, as you say, in short rags? Maybe I’m still to blame for being a woman? He could not bear these words any more, especially since she looked up to him with her stubborn, divinely beautiful eyes.
Philip grabbed her under his hands with his big palms and, tearing her off the floor, kissed her firmly on the lips.
She seemed to him easier to fluff.
This kiss struck him so much that he, slightly reeling from overwhelming feelings, lowered her to the floor and disappeared behind his door, again leaving Vaska in a complete frenzy.
Vasilisa stood, reassuring her.
She did not expect her taste of his lips to be so pleasant, the feeling of his body so close.
It was too late to pretend to be insulted, and she went to her room.
Philip rushed around the room.
For a long time he did not lose control of himself so much.
He broke and now regretted.
But not about the fact that, finally, tasted her taste.
She did not resist, but on the contrary, succumbed to his caress.
What did she want? He lived for several months as a hermit in this house.
And a friend helped him by sending such a doll.
Now we need to think about how to get rid of her, because if she stays here, he will not rest.
An hour later, Philip went downstairs to dinner.
From the hall came the noise of the TV, apparently the girl was there.
Philip decided that a light dinner would be just fine, so he poured himself cold juice and took out a loaf.
He decided to go with it to the bedroom, but curiosity overcame and Philip peered into the hall with one eye. Blonde boobs cam.

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