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While I’m kind, so here, hold on, – she handed me a card.
“What is this?” “This is my business card.
Within a month you will have to call the number specified there or write to e-mail or Skype.

If you do not do this, then all your relatives and friends will receive this photo, and Oleg will come for you.
“Oleg?” “This is my guard, he saved you, by the way, then thank him for that.”
He is still guarding the entrance to the toilet.
And don’t worry so much, I want to help you.
You want to be a real girl, don’t you?
Then shake off and fix your make-up, Oleg will take you home, by the way, do not try to deceive him and give him the wrong address, he does not like it and will bring you directly to the apartment.
– And he is not.
– rapes? Let him try, I fuck him after that, but do not worry, he is generally asexual, so you won’t be interested in him.
– Well thank you.
– So far, not for that, but if you don’t contact me in a week – blame yourself.
“You said it in a month!” “I changed my mind, well, go ahead!” – she gently slapped me on the pope.
I blushed a little from this, and together we came out of the closet.
Outside, Oleg was really waiting for us, the woman whispered something in his ear, he rang somewhere and literally in a minute another man came up to us, who stayed with my new acquaintance, and Oleg himself took me outside, where an SUV of a representative appearance was waiting for us .
The man opened the door for me, I sat in the back seat, and he sat down in the driver’s seat.

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I gave my address and we left.
It was already late, and we got there pretty quickly, Oleg parked the car, got out of it himself and helped me out.
That woman did

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not deceive me, Oleg really intended to bring me home.
When I said that I could walk myself, he shook his head and said: “It’s right.”
I did not dare to argue with him, and together we came to my house, but Oleg was not going to leave me here either, and I had to let him go on.
And only when we entered the apartment, and I offered him coffee, he looked around, thanked me for the offer, but refused and said goodbye.
I was glad to get rid of the annoying guard, although with him I really felt protected.
Throwing off my clothes and washing off the makeup, I plopped down on my bed.
How strange everything turns out, first the rapist, and then this woman.
Strange, because I did not even recognize her name, although probably on the business card should be written.
I reached for my handbag lying on the chair and took out a business card from there.
On the one hand, it was displayed in capital white letters on a black background: “Mrs. Ellen”, and on the other hand, contacts were printed in a more formal font.
So this is the name of my today’s savior and at the same time the perpetrator.
I wonder is her real name? Well, we will understand.
I put aside my business card bag and climbed under the covers.
At first, I tossed and turned over from overexcitation, but then the fatigue took over, and I fell into a dream.
I had a dream, something strange, some naked men rubbing about me and putting their members into my mouth, and on top of that Ellen in a latex suit, beat them with a whip and shouted: “Fuck her! Fuck her! She’s a whore! ”
The next morning! I quickly opened the doorbell at the doorbell and gestured for Gena to the apartment.
To which he was indignant.
You, what, fuck, forgot the instruction.
You open the door wide and resolutely exit to the center of the landing and you follow the guest to the apartment.
The morning began in the village, flashed through my head, but did not argue, anyway, I hadn’t seen any of my neighbors before in the mornings at the entrance. Bonga cams su.

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