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And toddlers can go to the pot right here in my office.
– And how long do we have to wait? – Lena pounced on me. – Have you forgotten why you need a pot? Quickly write! “I don’t want to,” I said embarrassedly.
“Whether you want to or not,” Lena raised her voice irritably, “And once the nurse said to go

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, small, take your scribble in your hands and write in the pot!” Do not delay the nurse.

She will not start you to massage until you pee.
– Come on, Sasha, – Natasha again started to persuade me, – Well, what should you pee in a pot.
The nurse persuaded me to take a couple of minutes, but she did not achieve anything.
“He’s so stubborn of you,” she said to Lena with a sigh.
“Listen, Natasha,” an unfamiliar mother suddenly said to the nurse. “You said that my fountain was started when you started massaging his tummy?” “I also thought about it now,” said Natasha. “By the way, quite small, like yours, are sometimes specially massaged for the tummy in the bladder area in order to make it go small.
We’ll have to do this with Sasha now.
No time for persuasion.
The nurse put her hand on my stomach, dramatically increasing the urge to write.

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“We are massaging here, from below,” she explained, starting to massage my lower abdomen, “Where the child has a bladder.”
Natasha began to gradually increase pressure.
Resisting my last strength with a painfully acute urge, I realized with resentment that I could not bear it for long.
– It seems it was possible to cause the necessary urge, – the nurse smiled a minute later, – Do you see how the little girl began to move a scribble? – Yeah, a little twitch, – Lena agreed, staring between my legs, – And now again.
So funny to look at it! Forced to listen to Lena’s conversation with the nurse, I did not know where to go from shame.
– So it turns out that children’s erection means! – said the mother of the infant baby, a little amazed, – That the kid just wants in a small way.
And I already did not know what to think.
My often it happens.
You will see how the pisyunchik has stirred, and for sure – in a couple of seconds it starts up a trickle from there.
“What words do you use?” Natasha laughed. “How can you call this an“ erection ”? Having stopped massaging my stomach, the nurse unceremoniously raised my pussy with her cold fingers.
I wanted to fall under the ground from embarrassment.
– Well? – Natasha affectionately looked at me, – Who is now peeing in a potty? Letter-letter-letter.
I looked out the window.
Judging by the curious faces of high school girls at the bus stop, they, like everyone else in the office, waited with interest for further developments.
“It’s been a long time since I had such a stubborn one,” the nurse grumbled.
– And do not say, – Lena sighed, – It is evident that she wants to write, but she suffers with all her might. Bongacams blonde.

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