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Sitting on her knees, bending low, was uncomfortable, and when the man finally let go of her hardened nipples, Arina hurriedly straightened, frantically adjusting the mask, which was the only one that separated a decent woman from a whore who was ready for anything.
– Now take off your jacket and spread your legs! – the new order showed the woman that all the previous was not a final fall, and she, still trying to keep her pride and the remnants of chastity, will fall even lower, so low that only a mask will allow her to remain sinless.
Arina, trembling with humiliation, turned on a low table and spread her knees wide.

Stretching allowed her to put the legs on both sides of the male feet, and now she was a completely obscene spectacle – a half-naked graceful blonde is sitting in front of a man, who is looking at what the high-slung skirt no longer hid.
“No, this is not happening to me!” – the woman repeated to herself, literally feeling the lustful glance gliding over her charms, periodically trying to penetrate the thin fabric of her panties.
– Hundred! – grinned a man, reaching another bill from under the bottom of a pack of dollars.
Then he rolled up the bill with a straw and, lifting the short hem with one hand, ran it over bare skin over a very low elastic band of panties.
“What is happening to me? This private dance is more like a perversion in a brothel! ”, Arina shouted to herself in panic, feeling like the hard edge of a folded piece of paper slips right next to the corner of her lower lips.

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It was already the height of obscenity, which she, as, in general, a chaste person, could afford.
What could be worse than sitting like this with a bare chest and let me fumble without complaint under her skirt? How can a refined lady tolerate a masculine affection, not protesting and not obstructing? Unless these weasels are made hundreds? And what separates her from the fallen woman? How painfully embarrassing to present your exclusive body to an unintelligible male! All these emotions, though reflected on the face, were invisible under the mask.
However, this was no easier when the man unceremoniously pulled the gum off with the words: “What about us here?” Arina closed her eyes from shame — now she was completely gone.
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But he hurt her even more – the end of the tube slid across his naked pubis and literally bit into the corner of the folds.
Moreover, the man unceremoniously pressed on the woman’s chest, forcing her to lie back, and then roughly pulled off her panties, which ribbons immediately cracked.
As a result, Arina, humiliated and offended by obscene treatment, turned out to be completely naked, and even helpfully presenting her pussy, which was devoid of even a tiny defense, with indecent looks.
“It has come!” – the thought struggled, but she did not dare to move her knees – in the end, she was bought and now she can look at it as she pleases.
Meanwhile, the man began to push the folds out of the bill, and then lifted his

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head and grinned, asked: “Do you want the weaving to be yours? Arina knew perfectly well that she was a subject for worship, but now she played a completely different role, the mask thought and decided for her . Cam to cam sex talk.

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