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Masha was on the verge when the bell rang, with which the current owner of the console immediately turned off the vibrator.
The teacher was shocked by the almost come orgasm, but she was able to pull herself together and say goodbye to the class, after sending everyone out of the office.
After closing the door, the intern immediately rushed to the table and her purse, into which she simply scooped up all the notebooks, straightened the sundress and ran out of this room.

Her panties were soaked wet, which added some discomfort when walking, but such a strong excitement after a whole hour of agonizing her pussy with a vibro-egg that was still inside completely blocked such minor inconveniences.
Thoughts gradually returned to normal and lined up in a clearly defined desire to get this damn orgasm.

Turning to the nearest toilet, Masha just pulled up a sundress, pulled off her soaked panties, casually throwing them somewhere on the floor, sat down on the toilet and spread her legs to the side.

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Playful fingers with painted nails hurriedly went down, revealing the external sexual lips and revealing the swollen clitoris to the world.
Having covered her lap with her palm, the girl wondered for a second whether to take out the vibro-egg, but immediately rejected this idea.
Fingers gently up the pussy, getting to the cherished goal.
From the first touch to the clitoris, Masha arched from pleasure, uttering a stifled moan.
The barrier that restrained her desires collapsed, the index finger with the middle finger dived into her wet bosom, while the thumb clung to the clitoris.
The girl already didn’t care whether they heard or saw her.
At that time, she was not thinking about anything.
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