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I even got bored.
I had to hurry them with the transition to more serious things.
Slavka unbuckled Irkin’s blouse, freeing his chest.

This is better – I thought, taking up the camera.
Close-up, one, second, Slavkin hand presses on the nipple, departure.
Well your mother! Both are so diligently squinting in my direction! – Stop! – I shouted.
– Listen here.
The main rule: never, under any circumstances, do not look towards the camera! No me here, clear!? They guiltily abandoned.
Okay, the most inappropriate for the installation of cut – I decided.
– We continue! – and started shooting.
Now they tried to look at each other.
Slavka pulled off her blouse from his wife, throwing her somewhere in the corner.
Irka in response deprived him of his T-shirt.
I took a pause from Vidic.
The local couple somehow too quickly in my opinion made all the necessary actions and went over to a blowjob.
Slavka squinted at the screen and, hurrying, unzipped the Irkina skirt.
– Do not rush.
– I cooled his ardor, again putting Vidic on pause.
But he had already managed and the skirt slid over his legs to the floor.
– Stop! – I was indignant again, looking at Irka turned to me.
– Er, cowards where? Are you a business woman today or are you working in a brothel? Slavik from my shout pulled his hands from her backside and then I saw a delicate cord stretching between the buttocks.
Thong, their mother.
Actually, I have nothing against them, but in this case, Slavka should have taken these underpants off, and for this, it is necessary that it be seen that they are.
– Here it is.
– not understanding the reason for my indignation, Irka turned to me.
Front panties were noticeable better, but also not particularly.
– Er, and you do not have others? – I asked.
– They are behind and in kind unnoticed, and the video will be even worse.

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– What do you need? – she was confused.
– I do not know.
It is necessary that they could be seen.
– Now.
She ran out of the room, returning with a whole heap of all styles and colors and dumped them in front of me.
– These.
– I pointed to the first more or less suitable.
Irka picked them up, skirt and slipped out of the room again.
– The same thing again, Slav.
Go! – I announced when she returned.
Now is another matter.
The skirt fell and appeared in front of me buttocks crossed with panties.
Immediately obvious – a decent woman walks in her underpants.
– Er, take off Slava pants! – I ordered.
She sat down, struggling unsuccessfully with the belt buckle.
– Well, what is it? – Does not work.
– she was confused.
– And how did it work before? – Previously, he always unzipped himself.
– Clear.
Slav, help.
Slavka coped with the belt in one motion.
Lightning and button succumbed to Irka.
Jeans, and then pants were at Slavka on the thighs, and in front of Irkoy the member swayed.
She looked back at me.
In the eyes of confusion flashed.
– Well, take it in your mouth, which is already there.
– I sighed.
“Would you even rehearse yesterday?”
Irka turned to her husband and put her lips to her head.
I again took a close-up.
She licked the head a couple of times, touched her lips again, but never took it in her mouth, looking at me all the time.
– Slav, well, you tell her! – I’m tired of waiting.
Slavka did not spend money on words, took his wife by the head and unceremoniously shoved a member to her cheek.
Irka froze, again squinting in my direction.
– Er

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, I’m not! Suck on, come on! – my patience was running out.
If at the very beginning everything is so bad, then what will happen next? She reluctantly moved her head, but it didn’t look like a blowjob.
– Enough! – I stopped the camera.
– Break! Everything in the kitchen and everyone has a hundred! Irka relieved released member and rose.
Slavka, took a step towards the door, got confused in the flat pants, completely took them off and disappeared into the kitchen.
– Ir.
– I pushed her there too – Are you sure that you can? And then maybe he nafig? One torment? – I can.
Just unusual.
You are standing, watching.
you command.
– What do you want? – met us in the kitchen who heard this Slavka, handing each a glass.
We drank.
Then again.
Irka seemed to cheer up and stopped “accidentally” covering her chest from my eyes.
On the contrary, paraded, quite rightly proud of the ideal shape of the second, probably, size.
– Come on.
– rose Slavka.
– We will continue. Campbell river classifieds.

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