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Alexander Densky, – and he extended his hand to Ksyusha.
– You should work better, Alexander, so that the girls would not be bored and do not have to take care of the entertainment themselves.
“But she still held out her hand and, as I had time to notice, gently stroked his palm.

If we take into account the fact that she was sitting with pantyhose lowered on the table, then I had no choice but to leave this room so that she could calmly discuss the situation.
But I wanted so much to see what this man was capable of, that I left the door a little ajar and held my breath.
I knew that she would not fuck with him, but she could not give him anything.
My knees began to tremble.
This has never happened before and I was worried about my girlfriend.
Therefore, I had the right place to intervene in case of anything.

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So I calmed myself while he took off her tights, unfolded it on the table and settled between her legs.
First, he ran his finger over her panties, forcing Ksyusha to tilt back her head and groan.
Pushing her panties aside, Sasha pressed his thumb to the entrance to the vagina, and then pushed him inside, continuously watching the reaction of my girlfriend.
I began to worry even more.
But he did not take off his pants, but instead he sat between her legs and began, smacking, to lick her.
Sasha spread her legs wider and began to fuck her tongue, finally sticking to the clitoris.
Ksyusha went crazy.
“What is it?” I jumped up in surprise, but squeezed my mouth with my hand so as not to scream.
Artem crept up behind me.
Only this is not enough.
To distract him, I turned to him and, putting my hand to his chest, pushed him back a little.
– What are you quite ohrenel? – I attacked him.
– Again, for the old took?

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You can’t find a cool club, so you follow us! I don’t know where all these words appeared in me.
But the main thing is that he was distracted from what was going on behind that door and focused all his attention on me.
– If you did not behave like whores, maybe I would not have to look after you.
– Now he took a step on me and crushed my hand.
I felt uneasy.
His palm was hot, as was the look with which he bore me.
“Thank you,” I said quietly, as I remembered that consent would soften the prosecutor.
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