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Let’s go – said Ira four “babies”, heading for the door.
The boys obediently followed the nanny.
Three went in wet pajamas and the last – Kohl – naked.

The room for babies was relatively small.
Kohl looked around – nothing special: six “baby cots” with bars, two changing tables, a sink, a couple of bedside tables and a large closet.
The walls were covered with light blue children’s wallpaper with a funny pattern: bunnies, squirrels and bears.
Get on the table! – Ira ordered one of the wet boys, – Now I will wash you.
You too! – said Alena Kole.
Kohl climbed onto the changing table, wondering what Alyona was looking for in the closet.
On the next table, Ira has already managed to strip her boy naked.
He was noticeably shy, especially when the nurse laid him on his back and began to wipe with a wet napkin between his legs. Chaturbate lesbian cam.

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