Children having sex on camera.

Children having sex on camera.
The verification commission once again arrived in our unit (we were in training and the commissions came every six months).
Of course for them in the evening flooded the officer’s bath.

I then became the deputy commander (just an incredible career growth) and therefore also had to participate in this event.
Then some more wives of young officers were invited to the bath, as the commander said to dilute the men’s team.
Among these wives was my Natasha.
It all started sedately.
The girls were in bathing suits, men in swimming trunks.
A few toasts for a meeting, an acquaintance, those who did not return and the ladies present here, and then dances and conversations.
During the dances, many of the commission officers with whom Natalya danced with her allowed little liberties in the form of stroking her bare back, sometimes switching to her ass.
But I did not strain, as I considered this to be pretty pranks.
Natasha diluted the entire male society, and the other girls did not lag behind.
Then, of course, everyone went into the steam room. Children having sex on camera.

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