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At this moment, Nadya farted a little, and Max was back plunged face in her ass.
Half a minute later he again broke away from the girl’s anus and stretched Nadka’s buns to the sides.
Ass wide open because it was well developed.

– Wow, she has shit there inside – Max said with surprise – Micah, come here, look.
– Ebi already, there is nothing to look out – Nadka turned her head at him back with displeasure, calling the guy to action.
Max did not have to ask twice.
He immediately planted his little dick in the girl’s rectum, Nadka moaned loudly and began to rhythmically sit down with his wide ass on the boy’s member.
Her tits while swaying beautifully back and forth.
Micah went to Nadya, crouched next to her and began to knead her tits, trying to “milk” a woman.
– Class – Nadya moaned – ebi still, let’s go deeper, oh: Next to her, Oleg already began to fuck Olka, who was also beginning to moan loudly.

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Max didn’t get used to it very quickly, in just a minute.
He jerked ridiculously, snarled like a tiger, pressed his puny body to Nadya’s chic ass and began to lower his sperm into her ass.
After a few seconds, he was already lying with a blissful expression on his face next to Nadkina’s ass, the bond of which began to drip into sperm.
– Hold on – I gave him a cigarette – to smoke a special thrill after sex.
Micah, meanwhile, put his cock Nadka in her mouth and she began to suck him off with an appetite.
– Oh, now I will give a shit – Olka groaned on my right.
She stood on a blanket in the knee-elbow position, head down on the blanket.
Gorgeous tits of 4-5 size went back and forth, slapping on the chin – now I will give you a crap, mummies – Olka lamented – let’s finish faster.

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I remembered that she wanted to shit in the morning and I wondered what would happen next.
But the cost.
Oleg, already excited to the limit, began to finish.
He, like his friend, pressed his whole body against Olka, to her gorgeous ass, sniffed, pouring out deeply in my girlfriend’s anus, and also soon fell off the woman, pulling out his small penis, smeared with traces of feces and sperm.
Following a member of Olka’s asshole, a thick hard turd with sperm fell out, then the girl loudly farted and began to completely shit, and at the same time piss.
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