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She always lifted herself up on me, like a horse rider, and I immersed my tongue in her divine bosom.
It was difficult to breathe, on the verge of suffocation, but at times, I still grabbed some crumbs of air and then I felt how deeply I floated in Nadya, how tightly my arms embraced me, how tightly my hips tightened.
I could assume that they caress each other, sitting on me, but, of course, I could not see it.

My long journey, which began with Galya, ended in Nadya, and the final point was close.
I was overtaken by oblivion.
I remember that I kissed my beloved in the face, on the lips, in the sugar breasts and in the wonderful gates of paradise between the whitest valleys of their thighs.
These moans of oblivion, them and mine, could it have been forgotten ?.

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They entwined their legs, they connected their paradise flowers, and kissed them while I regained my consciousness, while I tried to realize where I was.
Is it not in the Garden of Eden that I am now? Do I dream a dream? Their moans, their passions gave me the answer.
A fantastic dream was inspired by such passionately desired, close and at the same time unfamiliar goddesses of pleasure, their bodies, woven into the fight of love, were both tried and mysterious to me at the same time.
When the fountain of their passion subsided, I recognized their kisses on their bodies, tender hands hugging and tickling from all sides, tender lips caressing me everywhere and everywhere.
I responded with all the fervor, but nature was stronger, and soon we all fell asleep.

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The next day, it turned out that it was time to leave, and Nadya, that the rest suddenly ends for us.
To them we returned to the city.
So suddenly, our time to double honeymoon was cut short.
Of course, in the city, we met, from time to time, but, of course, work and other matters strongly interfered with our mutual attraction.
Although it has been for a long time.
A few weeks later, I remember, Nadia was hospitalized with appendicitis.
We all went to visit her several times.
One day, when we were there with Vitya, we decided to come to our house, sat down and it turned out that he stayed with us for the night.
By this time, Galya and I had already entered into the usual course, and our love seemed self-sufficient.
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