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J. Lo herself could envy her ass, round, hard as an oryokh, moderately big and mouth-watering, the entire women’s team was mad with envy, and men, in turn, from the 3rd class could not take their eyes off her luxurious ass, trying to bend their eyes under the moderately short skirt.
Unwomanly long straight legs and long, delicate hands adorned with skillfully manicured fingers, with unusually long polished claws.
Unusually cute, but at the same time very sexy face: Lush lips, huge square.

green eyes, the correct form of the nose, all this gave Natasha the right to be called a beauty, if not for her lush, long, health golden hair.
All this, together with velvet tanned skin and the ability to dress, inject makeup, did Natalia the queen.
Andrew was a stocky, athletic, cute and shy young man of about 25 with a slightly feminine face.
From the very first day Sveti began to call Sveta at school, her name was forgotten from schoolchildren, to the director, only Andrey and Natasha affectionately called her Svetik.
Sveta was 23 years old, she was not a virgin: once a schoolmate had fun with her, but Sveta had no one else, she knew little about sex and for some reason was afraid of him terribly, she was embarrassed to masturbate and considered eroticism easy.
At school, Sveta did not consider anyone, in her lessons no one listened to her, but once.
There was a geography lesson, he stood in the schedule after Natasha’s literature lesson, nobody listened to Sveta as usual, but the class was excited about something, at the beginning of the lesson the students were quietly discussing something and Sasha, Lena, Vladik and Zhenya about what.
they argued briskly.
Sveta asked them to speak more quietly, but the guys didn’t even pay attention to her, Sveta repeated her request, and received an insanely insulting reply: “Otsatan, you little bitty, Natalya Andreevna, this is the teacher, and you are so zero without a wand!” Sveta burst into tears and ran away toilet smearing snot and drool on his pimply face.

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In such a state, Natasha found her, gently embracing the Light and wiping her snot and tears. Natasha offered to visit her.
Sveta was all the same, and soon they found themselves in Natasha’s apartment with Andrey, with tastefully furnished, but without much luxury.
Natasha took out a foreign green bottle of Absinthe, Sveta never drank it, and after some persuasion she agreed to skip a glass of this 70-degree drink, a glass for a glass, the conversation flowed like a river.
“Natasha, you’re so slim, beautiful, and I’m fat and not beautiful! How can I lose weight?” “Well, you need to go on a diet to train, it is generally very difficult, but this can be achieved, I was the same as you, when that long ago.”
Embarrassed told Natasha.
“Yes, but it is a long time, but is there any means to immediately and once and for all, like in a fairy tale?” Asked the lazy Light.
“And you know, there is!” Natasha intriguedly said.
“I want, I really want, anything for you, I’ll do it, but help me,” the drunk Sveta squealed.
“I will help you, but you must obey me in everything and never tell anyone about it, okay?” “I agree to everything, make me beautiful and slim !!!” “Well, you know, to become beautiful sometimes enough, just to put yourself in order! Let’s go to the bath!” “Well, as it is not convenient, suddenly Andrew will come?” “Scared of the Light” “So, and who said, I agree on everything, well, march into the bath!” After drinking more absinthe girlfriend went to the bathroom.
Natasha helped to remove all her rags and then put them in front of the mirror and said: “unshaven legs, overgrown pubis, all back in eels.
Is this the case? “” But no one sees, “Light pleaded.
“You see, I see, this is already enough!” Natasha unceremoniously parted Sveta’s legs, and ran her finger along Svecheny pubic hair and between the folds of her lips, on the finger the rest is something like a curd.
“On the side of me like a panet from you!” Natasha thrust out her dissatisfaction loudly, thrusting her finger with that cottage cheese right to her nostril, the strong smell struck Sveta, she began to sob.
“Do not cry out, we’ll fix everything now” – Natasha smiled.
Putting Svetka on the bottom of the bathroom, Natasha washed her head thoroughly for years, combed her hair, brushed her black scars

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and scrubbed her acne, took the shaving foam and the machine Natasha generously smeared Sveta with her armpits and pubis.
“Although you know, dear, your patly before you shave, you need to poke!” Natasha brought the scissors and began cutting off the black-and-brown hair. French live sex.

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