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This story was told to me under very specific circumstances (See

the story “Got (notes of a prostitute) 7”), and I can not promise that everything that was told below happened exactly as it was conveyed by me.

– Hi, where are you from? – Hello, from the bazaar, I am going home, And what is the wind here? We met by chance.
I walked home from the tram, returning from the city center.
He was moving in the same direction.
A narrow dusty street in the private sector was quietly moving away from the heat of August, and the dogs dozed in the shade, sticking their tongues out.
And now I overtake a thin, bald man and see Pasha, with whom we studied and were friends.
It was not easy for Pasha to study, and he went to vocational school after the 8th grade.
Then we saw each other once or twice.
He worked as a watchman, was married and had three children.
(Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) – You see, we often turn off the light in the evening, – he explained his demographic feat.

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Now we met after about a ten-year break.
Pasha looked very good compared to previous meetings.
He is well shaved, his hair is neatly trimmed short, and he is well, although he is discreetly dressed.
On the shoulder bag from Gucci.
Somehow he didn’t look like an unshaven guardian, rather beaten by moths, whom I had seen before.
And a strange gait.
Light, though not fast and quite elegant, although earlier Pasha was raking in both feet like a snow combine.
– I’m here on the case – said Pasha, to work running.
– I look, your job has ennobled you, you look good.
What, from the watchmen to the bosses of the security company, was he? – Pashka never grabbed stars from the sky and the changes in his appearance simply amazed.
At the same time, knowing his character, I could count on an absolutely exhaustive answer – my friend was always simple-minded.
– No, not the watchman anymore.
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