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Oh, Herbert! Oh, if all men had members that could be controlled, like Alf rules Herbert! He could make him so fat to fill every piece of her vagina, almost break it, or turn it into a thin finger, but so long that he could study everything in the depths of her womb and torment her so painfully and for a long time that her pussy she began to tremble and twitch, trying to wrap herself around this invader, and, irritated by him, reached such a degree of frustration that Lynn ascended to unprecedented heights of remarkable bliss.
She could not allow Kat or anyone else to take Alpha from her.
She will simply go crazy and stop thinking about something else – not only because of the incurable addiction to his sperm, but also because there is no such man in the world who could give her the same sexual bliss!

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But it was getting harder to hide their love affair.

Not only because of the noise or her secret disappearances from the room, but because of some of the side effects that continuous injections of Melmakansky Alpha seed began to produce in her body.
Some effects were good, some were bad.
Okay, if not bad, but uncomfortable.
The positive effects could be attributed to the fact that all her female genitals became more distinct and pronounced.
Lynn always had a little piss.
But now her labia became larger and fleshy.
Previously, wearing panties, she could hardly discern the shape of her writing in the mirror.
But now her pussy has become distinctly expressed, her lips have grown and become sensitive.
When wearing tight jeans, she constantly sweated from the teasing sexual chill that occurred in her constricted crotch with each step.

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And during sex they were oh so good! Alf spent at least half an hour between her thighs apart.
When he willingly pushed his long tongue into the depths of her vagina, his lips and teeth started playing with the thick lips of her kitty.
And his fingers widely stretched the teasing edges of her vagina, before he finally attacked her hard clit.
By the way, before she got involved in this story and, swallowing, swallowed the first portion of Alpha sperm, Lynn’s clitoris in an excited state did not exceed a quarter of an inch, although it was hellishly sensitive.
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